How many of you know Google's start up history?

Now a days, Google is like electricity connection for electrical and electronic items. Yeah, people will not run or live without search engines ! Because, whatever they need, they search, they need to know they just opening google first and searching for solutions. Webmasters always need to get indexed in google first for improve their business. In this segment, Google is reputed and trustworthy brand in Galaxy's top 10 very famous brands. Most of the people may didn't have chance to know about google's history before. Let see history of Google & Google's improvement in past years !

This info may motivate new start ups and new entrepreneurs into serial entrepreneurs !

How many of you know Google's start up history?

1. In the year of 1995-1996,

* Mr. Larry page & Mr. Sergey Brin both were studying at Stanford university, California. Then they met one day and planned to create a search engine project named BACKRUB (Google's previous name)

2. In the year of 1997,

* They have renamed Backrub name as Google and registered a domain (14th-SEP-1997) in the name of Hope you know Google's name meaning is 1 followed by 100 zeros !

3. In the year of 1998 september,

* They have formed Google Corporation finally.

* Then they got check payment of $100,000 to develope Google. The check payment have received from Sun microsystem's co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim.

4. In the year of 1999,

* With energetic & knowledgeable team of 8 employees moved into their new office located in Palo Alto (a city in California, USA)

5. In the year of 2000,

* Google started selling advertisements depends by keywords. Yeah, your thinking is right, PPC (Pay Per Click), CPC (Cost Per Click) Adwords and Adsense concept was born.

* 1st-April-2000, Google had announced MentalPlex concept to read Google users mind to search before their keywords.

* And of course Google became world's search engine obviously !!!

6. In the year of 2001,

* Eric Schmidt was appointed as brand new CEO of Google.

* Then they launched Google Images with more than 250 million images backup.

* And then they opened new internal sub offices in Tokyo - Ironic.

7. In the year of 2002,

* They were running Google at the size of 3 billion + index. Their 72nd language interface of Klingon was introduced.

8. In the year of 2003,

* Google moved it's offices to Mountain view, California. (Google's Estate, well known as Google Plex). Of course it still running in the same place.  And then , they acquired BLOGGER !

9. In the year of 2004, 

* More than 800 employees moved to new GooglePlex office.

* 24-JAN-2004 Orkut was launched (Social networking site)!

* Then Google had launched free email service. Well known as Gmail. In the start, they allowed 1 GB of space for free. Now it expanded to 10 GB.

* After Gmail, they acquired KeyHole and renamed it as Google Earth. So they Google earth also launched.

IPO 19.6 million shares opened for $85 each.

10. In the year of 2005, 

* Google had new partnership with NASA. Because, they need to improve their service in showing Google moon & Google mars at Google Earth software service.

* Then Google had acquired Urchin and renamed it as Google analytics !

Google mobile also launched !

11. In the year of 2006,

* Google had launched Google Docs to view and edit word and excel files online.

* And then they acquired Youtube from paypal workers who worked under paypal company.

12. In the year of 2007, Google had launched Google apps.

And then they launched map street view also ! Its a monument of Google !!

13. In the year of 2008, 

Google chrome was launched !

* And then especially 1 trillion unique URLs has been indexed !!

14. In the year of 2009, 

* The vatican launched Youtube channel.

* The precious White House used a google moderator to guide and hold online town hall meeting.

* And then Google Chrome OS was announced for laptops.

15. In the year of 2010,

* Google chrome users count increased about 120 Million !

* About more than 34 hours of video have been uploaded in every minute to Youtube !

Google app for education have reached more than 10 million users !

Google TV have been announced !

* Google maps introduced Bike trails !

* Simply, in this year of 2010, lot of changes, improvement and acquisitions !!!

16. In the year of 2011,

Google + was launched by Google.

* Google nailed that more than 1 billion downloads of Google Earth !

* Fundamentally Google maps navigation and routes was updated & very user friendly.

* Unexpectedly Gmail look was redesigned as eye catching one !

* Wow, more than 32,500 employees have worked for Google's revenue of $37.9 billion ($9.7 billion profit). And then the asset values jumped to $72.5 billion !

Some of google products may missed in this article. Because, I updated main things only happened during the year of success. I hope, now you came to know little bit about Google's history  :)