Change your words a little and make yourself as successful person

Being successful person is very simple. Because, everything is in you. The matter is where was you, how was your surrounding and how did you try to make yourself unique and better ! A successful person always needs to be unique in works, positive in thoughts, better in speaking, temperance in activities, knowledgeable in needed things. When they follow these, they will remain in the same as successful. No doubts in this. So here i gonna show you that what are all we can change in our words and thoughts and how may we look little differently at the things. Some simple changes can makes your life so beautiful and successful !

Change your words a little and make yourself as successful person

Word - Can I do this?

Changed word  - Why can't I? If I can't do this, then it should be can't do by no one too !

(What are all you think that you can't do, in this world somewhere and someone is doing that successfully ! This is true !!)

Word - I am not lucky and I am not unique..

Changed Word - I am so blessed, I am so lucky and I am a child of uniqueness !

(Mind your left thumb impression. In the past no one didn't have like yours. In the present, I am sure that nothing like yours. In future also no one will have same. Now you think, how unique being you are !)

Word - OMG ! I am always facing problems in my life.. why god?

Changed word - Dear god, thanks a ton for the problems in my life ! After the problems only i can get good experiences to get rid of it and I may stand a role model to someone !

(If you think that the god is giving problems to you mean, you should be more happy. Because in his busy schedule he aside time for you and giving problems. Now you just think, how special you are to him !)

Word - Oops, I am not so beautiful, so I won't be special to anyone..

Changed word - Wow, Love you mom and dad ! I may not beautiful, but I am perfectly alright as I am not physically challenged !! And I am always so special to you my lovely parent !!!

(You shouldn't worry that in the beautiful rose plant there is more thorns. Just get more happy because even in-between these thorns, there is a beautiful rose ! How sweet.. Yeah, The matter is same, but the thinking is totally different and you got happy. Find the way to get happy in all circumstances)

Word - I didn't expect this and I hate this.. Yeah, I am sick now !

Changed word - Happy ! If I am always healthy, how can I realize the sufferance of another sicked person ?! It's time to take rest and realize the sick experience. I love my observing days :)

(When you got sick, you should be bold and stronger in heart than before ! Yeah, most of medical miracles are happening only in because of willpower. Have your medicines in your full involvement and try best to react as healthy person)

Word - Ufffhhh... I tried in all the way ! But still I didn't get any girl/boy friend...

Changed word - Proud to be a single, because it maybe a request to the god of my awesome fiance that I don't get any other relationship !

(You may make mistakes in your activities. It too the problem of being single. So try to change yourself as good speaking and unique person. If you change and got success in this, its time to change your status from SINGLE to IN RELATIONSHIP ! Read how to bond with a girl or boy here)

The same as I told before, plus, minuses and everything is in you. You should practice to handle it. And you are boss to yourself. If you can't handle yourself mean, then who will do that tell ?! For a successful life, you need to be positive, unique ever.