How to care your husband and make him happy

After the girl's life with their parents, it continues with her husband till their being after they got married. As the marriage life is very new for the couples, they starting to learn about the marriage life and how to live with adjustment. So the new life begins with unexpected situations, unknown questions. When the understanding is there, there is absolutely no problems with their life and bonding. Actually to say, caring is needed thing and should reflect from husband and wife side also. Here lets see about how to care your husband better and make him happy!

" He mayn't care for you, but your care & true concern on him will make 
him to the better change & awake him from the madness! "

How to care your husband and make him happy

1. Know everything about him

You should be well known about his likes, dislikes, favorite dishes, places, thoughts, interests and all. That mean everything and completely everything till pant, shirt and shoe sizes of him! May general knowledge will help you in the society, but your husband's passions and desires only will help you to run good family and can sustain in bonding relationship amongst others.

2. Wake him with surprise bed coffee

Giving bed coffee is regular thing for all. But, with the bed coffee giving positive & successful quote in the paper is the different thing. Yeah, when you continue like this, he will always wait for your surprise bed coffee. Because one powerful positive word can make a big change with people. So, as the day starts with the bed coffee, your uniqueness in this will lead him for the lovely day!

3. Keep ready the needed things

That mean, every morning you should check the bathroom things like tooth paste, brush, bathroom spray, water, heater, towel, soap and all. When something is missing or finished, just replace it within his presence to the bathroom. Remove & clean unwanted things in bathroom. You may also use mild and pulling up selected bathroom perfumes to impress him better. Treat his bathroom always like a bedroom in cleaning. He should feel very pleasant even in the bathroom and understand its all happened because of you and you really care of him at all.

4. Cooking & Dishes selection

As per your known knowledge about his favorite dishes, always surprise him by cooking new and different dishes daily. He should expect always special and different from you. If you have enough time, you can feed him the food. This will make a strong bonding with you people ever. And you can also request him to feed you too.

5. Words, Hugs & Kisses

World class poet Thiruvalluvar said that using of irrespective and bad words are like, eating tasteless fruits by leaving tasteful fruits. So in all the times, try speak with lovely impressive sweet words. This will hugely help you to people fall in love with you. Your husband also not an exception. He will always like and wait to speak with you always. You can call him in the afternoon when he is in office. After his lunch, just call him and speak nicely something different, not about problems. Don't always ask him to buy any things when he returns. Just plan a day and spend time with him fully to buy things for home.

Express your real feelings frankly. If you are in good mood, express it by saying I LOVE YOU often. This will show him that you are crazy about him. Whenever you are like to say, just convey it honestly by saying a powerful I LOVE YOU. So speak lovely, gently, politely. Patience speaking, matured thinking will make you unique ever. Don't make issues even the problem is from his side. Be matured in all times. Your words always a key to live happily.

In his bad situations, in his tired times, when his face looks like that need something better, go and hug him politely. It matters a lot. Many of researches saying that a HUG can cure the stress related diseases easily. Yeah, its true! Not only in his bad times, hug him in the happy situations and when you need. You have all rights on him, so don't hesitate for any. Get it whatever from him and give him everything from you.

Meanwhile, in send offs, when he return from shower bath, after he had his food, when he woke up from the bed, when he ready to go the bed, after he plays with the children, when he helps you in the kitchen or somewhere, when he is alone with you, when he returns from the office or outside, when he wants to be close with you, in those all the times you just hug tightly & kiss him like a heroine. You valuable hugs and kisses will smash his stress and mind pressures. He maybe a king in outside, but he is a baby only for you always. So handle him like a baby.

6. Sex relationship

Nothing to get shy in this, sex is another type of art. To be better in this, you need to do in needed times and should learn about this. If he likes your physic, take care of that and do some of exercises to maintain it. Don't let him to ask by word that he needs sex. Understand his thoughts and you give yourself to him. Before sex, you can take bath. It will give the pleasant feel while sex. 

You can also discuss about it in different ways. Don't go so fastly. Start with speaking, flirting, hugging, kissing, cuddle play. So that you can have memorable long time sex. Allow him to enjoy by his way and passion. As its the high level of bonding with the couples, your cooperation only will make him satisfied. You may also suggest him to play with you in bed after returning from trips, special days, holidays, birthdays, weekends and more.