How to maintain your car easily and properly

Lets see here some main things that we need to follow regularly to maintain the car. Sometimes you may hesitate to spend small money for car maintenance. But, if you do like that, your negligence may bring you the big money spending problem to you. So keeping proper maintenance for car is appreciated thing.

How to maintain your car easily and properly

Treat your car like a partner ! Your care will make it live & run better !! 

You care & it cares !!!

Car washing

Washed car will give you a rich look to people who sees you on the road. It will not worth and to get people impressed if you car wasn't washed even its 10 million worth car. When you wash the car up to bottom fully even in the chase, it will be good for under parts will not get old or rust because of clay or sand driving. And also you can spend for car's wax coating if you have enough money to spend. You no need to do interior washing often. But do it when your heart feels that the car's interior is ugly.

Fuel refilling

As we have contamination in the all things, firstly analyse best petrol pump ! Not only in proper quantity, it should be best in purity too. After that fill fuel regularly in that place. Because, non purified fuel will make you car's engine get bad. So you can refill the fuel in same place where is purity. Check your car each tyre's air level at all the time when you refill the fuel.

Driving style & speed

Your engine and the car will set as per your driving only. Yeah, drive rush only in needed time. Not in all the time. Keep the good speed limit while driving ever. When you drive in proper speed, it will increase your car's life and you no need to take your car to service workshop often. Driving in normal speed is very good not only for your car's life, it deserves for your valuable life too. 

Oil maintenance

There are oil usage in the car like Engine oil, break oil, gear oil, coolant oil and more. We should understand that oil the main thing for lubrication. As we have more varieties in all oils depends on the quality, consult with your technician and approve to pour good one. Using qualified oil will make your vehicle to run more kilometers and it will make your engine's life much better. In this oil matter kindly do not consider the money for quality. Don't compromise in quality. 

Wheels balancing & Alignment

If your car wheels are not proper in alignment, it will decrease your tyre's lifetime because of road rubbing. So doing wheel balancing and wheel alignment in each time of workshop service is so good and also recommended. 

Brake & Belts

And each time of car servicing, instruct your technician to check brake pads, all main belts, and battery condition. Its the main thing to control the car while driving safely. 

Insurance & Related

Mind your insurance period and renew it in time to time. Because, affording big claims for accidents will make your life into dark. After the problem only the mind will think about our negligence. In-between, concentrate on your car's body & bumper's previous tint, scratches and damages which will majorly notify by the insurance people. Keep emergency kit with your car always.

Some other deep things in car

The above mentioned details are main things to maintain the car basically by all persons. Lets see some other deep things in technician level that we can know as known person. Our car, our rights !

* Check the all bulbs & Fuses

* Change Air filter, AC Filter, Oil filter, Fuel filter in the right time

* Check spark plugs and cables

* Check head lights, indicating lights & Breaking lamps

* Check windshield wipers & back vipers also

* Check engine related belts

* Change fuel hoses in the right time

* Check you car's ignition modules

* Check you battery & it's water levels

* Check wiper's water level & refill it

Each time when you take your car to workshop, learn some new things about your car & car parts from the technician. And ask him that how to maintain the car more better than current !

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