The things you can follow easily to stay active and healthy ever

Being active in your daily life is very easy. But due to your body's condition, food, non regular followup and laziness its always a dream. There are many things that you need to follow regularly. But let me explain what all are the simple ways and simple things we can change in our life and how to make it happen !

The things you can follow easily to stay active ever

1. Eating Habit - As we have more works and the day starts from morning, In morning breakfast eat like a giant. In lunch eat less than breakfast. Because, it will avoid you to be sleepy in noon. And finally in dinner eat very less food than breakfast and lunch. If possible, try to avoid boiled food in dinner. 

Less food in night will avoid you getting paunch. Having fruits and fresh vegetables in night will be much better and to be appreciated. When you start to have your daily food like this, you will see the difference and plus points in your human body.

2. Exercises or Yogasanas - It doesn't a matter that you need to do more exercises or yogasanas. One or two or ten, whatever you do, simply you just do joyfully and regularly. When you start to do like this, gradually you will surely realize the pleasant life and then you will start to enjoy your each and every moments. The main thing is you should do regularly and should continue it.

3. Bending & Flexible - In your daily works, you will face more challenges and may do more works. What i am coming say, don't think that who you are and where you are ! The matter is called Involvement. Yep, for instance think that you are going to pick the file, just FEEL YOUR BREATHE, TOUCH AND HOLD YOUR CHAIR, GET UP GENTLY, PLACE YOUR FOOD STEPS BOLDLY IN FLOOR, OPEN THE BUREAU, BEND MORE and then pick the file. 

Don't consider that you are fat or lean body. Bend much as much you can. When you continue like this, i am sure that you will enjoy your works and magically you will lose your weight if you are fat. You bending power will make this. If you are lean in this, as you worked better and your body needs more nutrient you will have you food properly and will gain weight. Excuse me normal buddies, So whatever you maybe, when you do continuously like this you will stay better, best and healthy in your life.

4. Hobbies - Follow any one or more what you may follow in this. Dancing, Going gym, Gardening, Cycling, Playing games (Lol, not video games), Brain increasing memory power games, Playing with children, Do whatever you like in your life for a while daily, Swimming in pool (If you don't have water place, just swim in floor alone. No one will notify you ;) ), Clear hard puzzles and more which will make you to roam here and there. Be unique mostly.

If you don't want to roam, just sit and do meditation. Suppose if you don't know to meditate, no need to go and learn some about meditation in internet or books. Just sit and close you eyes. And then start watch your up and down breathing. No more, that's all. Hope you understand what i am coming to say. Just be like an ant atleast in some activities.

5. Walking - Cool, you no need to do walking separately and need to have separate time for this. For instance, avoid lifts and walk to your cabin when you have sufficient time. Don't use motors & go to shops by walking if its near to you or when you like to walk. If you come to know that there is no need of vehicles, better do walk. When you do this, then there is three in one benefit.

Yep, If you not use your vehicle, 1.Pollution free, 2.Saving fuel, 3.Healthy body because of that little walk. I told these ideas for people who cannot change yourself suddenly. Suppose you are doing these like your hobby and giving separate time for walking mean, its really awesome ! I assure for 101% activeness.

I explained here what are all we can change a little in our life for our healthy life & activeness. But surely there is a result behind only in your sincerity in regular continuity.