What is called good government?

What is called good government?

When the topic is about government, it may starts with corruption because of the corrupted political parties and dirty politicians. But we should understand that, Everything is because of money! As money is always ultimate, nothing will happen without money! We can't stop the bribe and corruption that much easily. But when the government starts to utilize the people's money in right way for nation, and making some changes in rules and regulations, then there will be a big result for people's wealthy and safe lifestyle forever! 

Change in Education System!

We may need usual theory and practical lessons about Maths, Sciences & History. But as life consists more unexpected questions and answers in all fields, we should change more in their basic education system actually! The basic education for children should be majorly about self confidence and how to survive at any circumstances. An education should make a person more powerful and knowledgeable. Teach them important languages! Make the atmosphere to learn languages easily. It will be more useful to communication in their life. When a communication is clear, then there is a success !

After languages, there is a need for self defense. A person also need to survive from enemies. So, making compulsory of self defense classes for every student will make them stronger. Then may add the specific daily free advises for their healthy life in food and all. As children are backbones of the nation, we should teach them national politics also from the childhood. As of now most of good people don't know the politics and they refuse to come in. Also they are feeling afraid and bad about the politics. So we should break the rules.

It will make them to face problems with anyone and will help to know their rights. If you are clear about your basic rights, you no need to get afraid or get back at anytime. So when a child knows more languages, self defense, being healthy, national politics from the childhood, it will make them more stronger, knowledgeable and powerful in their life. 


As crime rate is increasing minute by minute, the penalties and punishments which was put previously should be get changed and should be threaten the criminals . Then how should stand those penalties and punishments for human life? That mean, when an justice order of penalty or punishment towards any crime will get executed, then no one shouldn't do the same ever and should get afraid of IRREPLACEABLE penalties and punishments. 

Mainly we should change the penalties and punishments in sensitive issues like ladies and child abuses. When the government puts the penalties and punishments like this, the country will be more safe than before. It doesn't matter that the justice for crime is arrogant or guilty. The deal is about the criminals should get afraid to do the any crime ever.


We should have online communication option to register complaint and submitting feedback in all divisions of government. When a person facing an issue with the government and made an online complaint, that too should be answered and to be resolved in the maximum hours of conveyed time. If that wasn't resolved or the victim didn't get detailed report about that issue by those workers within the conveyed time mean, then there should be a rule to claim the appropriate claim immediately. 

The ruling party maybe honest, but the government workers may not the same. So when the rules and communications will be like this, government workers also will work properly. And they will also have responsibility and respect with the people ever. Can stick sheets or place boards in all the government divisional offices thoroughly regarding the rights and claims of every human being. Hassle free communication, and getting early replies with any government servant only is called real democracy. We should mind that, the voted and selected government servants are always answerable for people ! Then I am sure that people will get confident about the government and their powerful rights. 


Not only the millionaires makes the country wealthy. The growth of small and medium enterprises to the country also majorly plays a role and stands for country's growth. So, the bankers and financiers should respect the proper starters. For this, the government should be strong in the thoughts about small and medium enterprises. Yeah a government should make order to the bankers to approve the loan for appropriate paper having persons to start the business. That too should be collateral free bank loan !

The government should also appreciate and give special support to agricultural farmers like Government's direct purchase with farmers, Subsidy to build their home, Free water and electricity facilities, Banning for agricultural lands into the real estate lands without their acceptation. If so, immediate arrest warrants and non bailable jail punishment for the persons.


The government is like an ocean, yeah its very big. In this, we have more points and changes to the government being good. So as already said the major parts for the good government, lets see some other plans and changes which will help for people's colorful life.

* Friendly police stations & polices

* Armed fast recovery & fast protection force

* Well qualified government motivational counselling groups

* Free mediclaim Insurance policy to all citizens

* Nationalized medicines rates

* Nationalized education system

* Unbeatable very less rated daily foods in government restaurants with good quality

* Free agriculture education for people

* Free WiFi zones for people always to search and find

* Fast case inquiries & Fast justice in civil and criminal cases

* Plans & orders in the name of government and shouldn't in their name

* Tax free plans

* Active divisions and strict orders for Eco-friendly and greenish nation

* 24 x 7  free ambulance

* Full support for army soldier's family after their life sacrifices

* Government special appreciation centers for growing child scientists

and more !

There are more ideas like this. But, only when the ruling person is honest, these types of plans and more unexpected good things will happen. Until there will not no improvements in the nation for sure. And one more thing, whatever the government do, or announce newly, that should be known by all citizens. So advertising and conveying to media also so important to government. Then only the people come to know whats happening in the country !