Which makes you unique

Wherever you go, whatever you do, if you wanna get noticed by people mean then you should be different and unique in all from others ! For this even you no need to be a celebrity. Yup, it's called uniqueness. Lets see what all are some interesting things that makes you unique and separate from others.

Which makes you unique

1. Dressing Style - You all may heard that the sentence HUMAN HALF & THE DRESS IS THE ANOTHER HALF ! Yep, its 101% true, admit it. Simply to say, when you walk in road may many people will see you. Even they no need to come and speak with you or analyse you in person. Your costume will start to tell them all about you. 

Not a matter it will speak true or false. If you wear gently, it speaks to them gently, if you wear ugly, it speaks to them ugly. That't it. Don't hesitate, if you don't know about grooming just frankly ask and learn from experts. Or else there is lot of answers about costume and grooming in internet. Read more, it's time to change !!!

2. Body Mannerisms - There are so much of good styles to follow. No matter how are you till now, but can change atleast from now. That mean you can concentrate small things like HAND SHAKING, HAND MOTIONS, EYE SIGHT, EYE BROWS USAGE, LAUGHING STYLE, SMILING STYLE, WALKING STYLE, HAIR STYLE etc. So whatever you do, it should be cute and different than others.

3. Way of speaking & Approaching - We can start simply, that if you want to get close with a girl or boy you will not get notified when you start with simple HI or HELLO ! No matter when you start, but it matters how you start ! Meant start the conversation from unexpected questions & words ! Make them excited about your words !! Because in the start, question only can get answers when you are stranger to them. Creativity matters !!!

There are more positive and good words to use. So learn and use it often. It will show your uniqueness and good attitude to all !

In life also same only. Its like a videogame. People are like players. Play gently and little brilliantly. As there are lot of experienced players, if you wan't to get succeed, you need to find different way and should play well. From the road to the bedroom, in all the places you should speak differently and shouldn't like others. Approach gently very creative from others. All things will be hard to learn and follow, in the start. After your success results, it will be like a hobby to you. I am sure that you will get rewards and awards when you are unique. You life will be very happy to you when you got praised by others. Taste the success.

4. Gadgets Usage - Can use branded electronic items. May others also use branded. So if you wanna unique in this, just think what? Yeah, can buy it from online stores. Then tell people about it after online order and make them surprised one day after you get. Can buy it from offer prices. No matter you are rich or not. But when you buy from good offers and tell to the people, they will understand that you searched for it looking for best in all the way and in all things.

Select & use nice perfumes, select best model  rings & chains, use branded or stylish slippers & shoes, use branded stylish watches. And keep concentrate even a snippet and what are all you using. So that you can select it appropriately as best.

5. Eating Habit - Assume that you are in restaurant. And going to have your food. When your friends start to ask about that what will you like to have ! You should be ready for that moment ever and all time. Yep, only less people only heard about different menus and dishes. All other will relativity with other's orders. It may because of their lifestyle. After your active and healthy life, there is a style and knowledge also.

Don't waste your time in blame them and telling reasons for what you are like this. So learn some about dishes and new updates in menu items. No need to well known in these. Just learn atleast one extra when compare to best of another known person. If you are like this, no matter that they are friends; they may not let you know. But you will be notified by them that you are special and familiar about something. This will make them to keep respect on you. Information is wealth.

6. Extra Curricular Activities - The society mostly has much respect on people depends on their educational qualification. It makes you little different from others. But as most of people now getting their graduation. There is a specialized respect after education is their talent and extra curricular activity obviously !

So first try to find what you like and in what you are crazy about. Then try to improve it by going special classes or self practices. It makes you more stronger and show you more unique from others. Simply to say, when you are crazy about your talent and perfect in that, then the people will fall in love with your talent. Make yourself and make your style !

Here we have more solutions for all. But the thing is, we should concern about it and should follow regularly. First is habit, then it will convert as regular activity, then only it will be a part of our life !!!