Tips to get high fever in a day

Tips to get high fever in a day

Mostly no one will like to be in fever. But in some situations mind will think that getting sick is better in that time. As normal fever is not a big sick and won't suffer much ourselves, here lets see here how to get high fever in a day. It will help for students mostly to avoid the school or college. The upcoming tricks are to increase your body temperature. Try this tricks only in unavoidable situation. Don't try unnecessarily.

1. Watch television as much you can at late night. And go to your bed lately around 2 AM. While sleeping, use more than 3 blankets to cover you.

2. While staying in your room, wear tight jacket, sweater or tight costumes which will make your body hard and heat.

3. After wake up from the bed have more coffee or tea hotly.

4. Take hot water bath and stay in hot water till 45 minutes to 1 hour.

5. Have more food as much as you can. And drink more hot water.

6. Keep raw onion under your arm pit for whole night. It will help you to increase the body temperature instantly.

7. Damp boiled water in towel, and then keep that in your forehead, neck, and arm pit often.

8. Give more works to your body like, playing for long time, running for long distance, and also do some of stressful exercises.

9. If you have heater, turn it on than using AC for a while.

10. Have more chocolates, fried chicken and hot masala items. But don't drink water after that. Take 1 hour time to drink water after having these.

Instead of getting sick, know about your future works & get ready for that than being sick.