Possible permanent home remedy to increase sperm count

Don't hesitate to discuss about this low sperm count. In this world, there are more possible solutions to get rid of any diseases very naturally without using drugs or pills. And we should also know, that the medicines are have been made by nature fruits, vegetables & some of herbals. So here I gonna suggest you to get rid of low sperm count problem permanently without using drugs, medicines or doing surgeries.

Needed Items

 * Pure Ghee
 * Bale tree crust
 * Zeera alias Cumin seed

1. For this, we need to take PURE GHEE first. Purity is more important in this. Because, without purity in ghee you cannot get result if it has contamination.

pure ghee and low sperm count

2. And take BAEL TREE CRUST a little second. (Also called Bengal Quince, Bili, Vilvapattai) Its available in retails grocery stores. It mostly used for the good smell during special masala items in cooking.


3. Finally take ZEERA also called as CUMIN SEED as per your need that how long you gonna have it.

Cumin seed alias zeera and low sperm count

Making method

As of mentioned items, take Bael tree crust & Zeera (Cumin seed) first. After that, use small grinder or Mixi to grind it as soft powder. Once you satisfied with the powder, mix it with the pure ghee. And then in your free time have it in daily once or twice basis. 

Try it maximum of 3 months. Then you will come to know and realize it that your sperm count is very high and you can have a baby with your wife without hassle. Even you will not face this same low sperm count issue again in your life. Natural right home remedies always matters. But the thing is you should do it regularly without laziness.

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