How to treat thyroid naturally

Once you become hypothyroid, you think of how to treat thyroid naturally. Hypothyroidism is a state where in your thyroid hormones level is significantly low and this deficiency obstructs your physical and mental health.  This post suggests some natural home remedies which will answer your question how to treat thyroid naturally.

how to treat thyroid naturally

How to treat thyroid naturally

Coconut oil

People wonder how to treat thyroid naturally using coconut oil. You can use coconut oil for cooking as it raises your metabolism and improves your thyroid functioning. You can also add a spoon of virgin coconut oil to your morning cup of milk or fry your eggs using it.


Ginger has compounds that help in stimulating thyroid function. Ginger can be simply peeled and chopped to add on to your dishes. It can be grounded or can also be used in powder forms.

Pears and apples

Pears and apples contains nutrients that will balance your hormones and nourish thyroid functioning. You can make a scrumptious fruit salad, delicious juices or just eat it as whole fruit.


Including one or two large eggs a day is good to regulate your thyroid function as eggs contain three rich nutrients required for a healthy  thyroid namely tyrosine, iodine and selenium.


Avocados are good sources of copper, iron, selenium and also contain essential fatty acids that help your thyroid to function better. You can add some avocados to your salad or make a flavorsome smoothie.


Kelp is seaweed rich in iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron and also contains abundant vitamins. Adding it in to your diet promotes a healthy thyroid functioning. But doctors recommend to 158 to 175 micro grams of kelp a day and not more than that.

Fish oil

Fish oil comes with essential fatty acids and intake of fish oil boosts the thyroid function. Recommended dosage is not more than 3-4 grams.

Apple cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps to detox your body and stimulates the thyroid function. You can add few drops of apple cider vinegar in your diet regime or mix 2 spoons of it in warm water along with some honey for taste.

Carrot juice

A glass of carrot juice a day perks up your thyroid function as it is the rich source of Vitamin A.


Mushroom is loaded with essential nutrients that benefit your thyroid gland. It also promotes your immune functions and just taking 3 mushrooms can get you a daily requirement.

Now you are very much apparent about how to treat thyroid naturally and these home remedies are so easy and you can simply include in your everyday food regime.

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