Hypothyroidism medication for life

“You must take hypothyroidism medication throughout your life”. You might have heard your doctors proclaim this to you. But is that true? The answer is yes. As a rule, for many people it is true. Especially in some particular cases where your thyroid gland is removed or damaged because of surgery or radioactive treatment then you need to consume thyroid hormone (T4) tablets for lifetime as your body has lost its capability of generating thyroid hormones enduringly. Yet, there are still other cases where under active thyroid can be temporary and you can bring your medicine consumption to a halt thereby not continuing hypothyroidism medication for life.

Hypothyroidism medication for life

Why I need thyroid medication for hypothyroidism?

If your body is facing shortage of thyroid hormones, it is termed as hypothyroidism. Then you need to substitute the shortfall externally by consuming pills made up of artificial hormones to meet the body’s needs.

Can I take the medication for limited period alone?

There are some conditions which require to intake the thyroid hormones pills for a limited time instead consuming hypothyroidism medication for life time. In the following conditions you may need medication for some particular time but  later on can be stopped after your doctor makes shot of a trial period of 4 to 8 weeks to check if are doing fine without the pills.

Subacute thyroiditis causes the brief breakdown of thyroid cells and the release of thyroxine from the thyroid. As it is recovered, your thyroid commences to produce and stock up thyroxine again, and oral thyroxine is no longer essential. Silent and postpartum thyroiditis also leads to temporary loss of thyroxine, which the body usually repairs with time.

When do I take hypothyroidism medications for life?

After a trial shot of some weeks, if your doctor finds your thyroid function is normal, your thyroid hormone treatment may be stopped at a point of time. Else, you are recommended to take hypothyroidism medication for life.

How it has to be taken?

Generally, thyroid hormone pills are taken in the empty stomach in the morning, before your breakfast. Doctors recommend not consuming your thyroid pills along with iron pills as it can result in absorption difficulties. Talk to your doctor and have a regular check of your thyroid functioning so that if oral thyroid hormone is not required you can be relieved from hypothyroidism medication for life.

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