Leaving hypothyroidism untreated

I have underactive thyroid functioning… but I’m just ignoring it. Does leaving hypothyroidism untreated is wrong and will it hurt my health?” 
Can you imagine what will happen if you do not treat low thyroid properly? Hypothyroidism is one of the most widespread thyroid ailments wherein your thyroid gland fail to produce the essential hormones that is generally obligatory for your body’s incessant and healthy functioning. So leaving hypothyroidism untreated can cause you multitude of predicaments to your health and encroach your overall well-being.

Leaving hypothyroidism untreated

Untreated thyroid can cause Goiter

When you don’t take your thyroid condition in to account, your thyroid gland will grow bigger than its usual size as a result of regular stimulation of the gland as your pituitary gland sends TSH(Thyroid Stimulating Hormones) to make your thyroid gland to produce more hormones. This condition is called Goiter, which can create hassles even in gulping down your food and water.

Leaving hypothyroidism untreated can cause heart ailments

High risk of heart diseases is linked with untreated hypothyroidism due to increased LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels for people with under active thyroid. Sometimes it can also cause an enlarged heart or heart failure.

 Ignoring hypothyroidism can lead to Fatigue, Depression and Memory loss

You could turn out to be so fatigued and depressed and feel problematical even to perform routine day activities. Mental slowing down and memory loss are also linked with leaving hypothyroidism untreated.

Prolonged and untreated underactive thyroid causes Myxdema Coma

When thyroid levels in the body gets tremendously low, it can lead to a life threatening condition called myxdema coma.

Not paying attention to your thyroid may lead to infertility

Leaving hypothyroidism untreated can cause problems in conceiving and it can cause infertility.

Untreated hypothyroidism in pregnancy

When you conceive and pay no heed to under active thyroid, it may result in miscarriage, premature birth or birth defects and serious intellectual disabilities and developmental issues in the child.

Thyroid symptoms may be so benign that it is easy to ignore. But if not observed, it can intrude your health and well-being. It is suggested to do a blood test to know your thyroid hormones level for every 5 years if you are over 35 years of age and especially if you are a woman and have a family history of hypothyroidism, frequent testing is recommended. Proper treatment for your thyroid disease is necessary as leaving hypothyroidism untreated can impose multiple health problems. 

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