Natural home remedies with goiter treatment

There are several types of natural goiter treatment and home remedies to cure thyroid sore and swelling completely which is available in kitchen and vegetable market. You may spent thousands of dollars and euros to cure hypothyroidism with doctors. Thyroid gland may basically affects with sore because of the excess hormones secretion. So if you cure the sore and swelling basically by using Indian natural remedies, then you can surely defend and cure hypothyroid from your life. This post is especially for people who trusts Indian home made remedies to cure major body diseases like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The available and experienced remedies for Goiter treatment are following below.

Natural home remedies with goiter treatment

To get your healthy tonality back

Because of thyroid gland swelling and sore in that area, you may lose your bold and native voice badly. To get your voice back, you can follow these steps.

Take some amount of mango leaves and grind it to take it's raw juice. Once you get the Raw mango leaf juice, you should also take the same quantity of PURE HONEY, FRESH COW MILK & PURE COW GHEE. After that mix all those in one glass with a spoon. Before go to bed, drink it after your dinner and sleep. When you continue this for 3 months. You will get you voice tonality back as it is ! This is one of major goiter treatment in Indian natural home remedies.

Heal your neck sore in thyroid gland

           1. To heal your neck pain because of the goiter sore, you need to have HOT PEPPER POWDER, PURE HONEY, CLOVE POWDER. Take one table spoon of hot pepper powder & one table spoon of clove powder and mix it with one glass of water and then boil it in normal temperature. Once you got this mixed water, again mix it with two table spoon of pure honey and drink it before you go to sleep. Same like before, if you continue this for 1 month, you neck sore and thyroid neck pain will fly away completely. 

          2. You may also use this for better health for thyroid gland. Take Neem tree flower and Ladies finger in vegetable. Cut those neem tree flower and ladies finger into 13 pieces and put it in boiling water. Once the steam is ready to come heavily from that water, put down that vessel from the stove and close it. And then take to a normal place from kitchen and open that vessel. The main thing is that, the steam of that water should reach your inner throat till the steam comes. You can follow this regularly for better relief from thyroid throat pains.

To heal graves disease, thyroid disease and all major neck related diseases

There is a scientific name called THESPESIA POPULNEA also called as PORTIA TREE. To heal you neck related diseases completely you should have known about this tree.

Take Portia tree rust and Portia tree root a little and grind it as powder. And then mix it in one glass of water and boil it in normal temperature to make it as Brew. Once you got it finally, you shouldn't drink it. Gargle it for a minute and spit it. Like this you should continue this in early morning and night for 3 months. As goiter treatment in surgery are really less results in high expenses, You can see the positive results in very small expense by follow it to have relax in thyroid neck pain and reducing disease symptoms after that. 

To get rid of neck sore and Goiter swelling

Take a big onion and cut it. After that put those onion pieces in the vessel and mix it with pure honey as per onion need. And then close the vessel till the onion pieces and pure honey to mix up to it. After some time take those mingled onion pieces and eat it before you go to bed. If you follow this for a month, then not only neck sore,  your stomach ulcers and mouth ulcers also will gone from your body. I'm not telling that you completely no need to go with doctor, when you follow all these home remedies, your doctor will feel that something positively happening with your body and it helps you for faster goiter treatment recovery.

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