Thyroid symptoms in men

It is seen that hypothyroidism is more prevalent in women than men… but what are the thyroid symptoms in men? How can it be treated?

Before answering the above questions, first let’s understand what hypothyroidism is. The thyroid gland is the energy factory of your body which produces thyroid hormones and transfers it to other organs of your body all the way through the bloodstream. When your gland becomes under active your body is lacking with requisite level of hormones and your holistic well-being is shattered.

 Analysts say that chances of hypothyroidism in women are 4 to 5 women in 1,000 and for men it is 0.6 to 0.9 men per 1,000. Although thyroid disease is more rampant in women, nevertheless men also suffer from hypothyroidism. Though thyroid symptoms in men may to some extent differ from women, they too go through excess of tiredness and feel depressed. 

Thyroid symptoms in men

Under active thyroid symptoms in men

·         Cold intolerance
·         Feeling drained and exhausted
·         Drying of skin
·         Painful bowel movements and constipation
·         Feeling over-stressed and depressed
·         Concentration problems
·         Weight gain
·         High cholesterol
·         Loss of muscle mass and strength
·         Excessive hair fall/balding
·         Fertility issues
·         Reduced sexual drive
·         Problem is erection/erectile dysfunction
·         Low testosterone levels

Though the above is the partial list of the indications, thyroid symptoms in men is similar to women except few variations.

Either a man or woman with hypothyroidism may perhaps feel particularly cold, even in a warm room. Weakness, low energy, weight gain, constipation, depression and lethargy are common.
 Hypothyroidism can also cause fertility troubles in men, because hypothyroidism may usher overproduction of a pituitary hormone called prolactin. Too much prolactin may cause a slump in the production of testosterone, which supports sperm production.

If you have an incident of experiencing any of the above indications including erectile dysfunction, it may be the under active thyroid symptoms in men. Consult your doctor and get your thyroid levels tested. Treating hypothyroidism is normally done by prescribing artificially made hormone pills to match the lacking hormones. A proper treatment will possible undo these thyroid symptoms in men.

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