What are all thyroid symptoms in women

Thyroid symptoms in women are now a day happens in very early age event before puberty. Researches says that a thyroid disorder not only affecting the 30 and plus age group of people. As women are so sensitive and the heredity follows, it mostly impotent for ladies easily. Tenderness of thyroid, Hashimoto’s disorder and autoimmune disorder easily affects sensitive women body, it also comes with under 15 age group of people particularly in women which basically named as underactive thyroid. Thyroid symptoms in women should be treated with very affection care as they are so sensitive. The treatments for low thyroid will be suggested by doctors are synthetic hormone medications & thyroid hormones replacement. You may still didn't know the symptoms of hypothyroidism. The symptoms of thyroid in women are following.

What are all thyroid symptoms in women

Thyroid Symptoms In Women

* Heavy bleeding in menstrual period times

* Late or Often Menstrual period times

* Severe pain in stomach when in periods

* Infertility & Problems while getting pregnant

* Heavy drowsiness and depleted feel

* Short tempered tetchy feel

* Imbalanced Weight Gain or Weight Loss

* Snappy and querulous reactions

* Long pattern sleepless nights

* Bleached & Dried skin

* Often delicate nails & Low healthy hair

* Heavy hair fall with women

* Painful Muscle Feel

* High cold & Hot feel which is like unbearable

*  Costiveness

* Blood sugar level changes

* Mild abdomen disorder

* Sticking things intolerance

* High vessels toxicity

*  High level of Estrogen

* Swelling in neck size

* Anxiety disorder

* Abnormal Heart Beat Rate

* Rude skin

* Low memory power & osculations in the mentality

* Sever joint pains

* Small size tumors in neck side 

The mentioned stages all were discovered as main thyroid symptoms in females of hypothyroidism & hyperthyroidism stages. Some of symptoms will happen with both genders. Hypothyroid symptoms in women causes many mental illness. So treating with your perfect doctor about these stages once you felt wrong in your regular activity is the needed one. Now a days our upcoming generation is like having TSH level test for below 15 ages for all gender is become compulsion. Specialists says that, drinking cold water in regular life, having unnatural sweets, out dated meats, smoking, high level of alcohol, high level of taking  nutrition supplements will cause thyroid issues without fail.

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