A Homeless Boy and Beggars Pizza Coupons - Inspiring Story!

A homeless boy and Beggars Pizza Coupons - Inspiring Story!

Let me tell you the story about a Homeless boy and Beggars Pizza Coupons which will make you to think about life's better chances! 

A homeless boy was living in Chicago streets. He won't regularly stay in a same place as he loves to travel around by walk. He always excited to be in new places, seeing new people & also looking for other areas dustbins to get something for daily surviving..

His look seems dirty & he wears torn ragged clothes only..

He maybe homeless, but he didn't fail to dream..!

Do you know what's his dream? Yeah, as he crazy about Pizzas, he always dream about Pizzas!!!  As the look of the Pizza & it's Shape is so colourful & impressive, his evergreen desire became to taste the Pizza atleast once in a life!

Wherever he goes, if he sees any Pizza Shop, from that visible look in outside, he will stand for a while and look into the glass to see how the people tasting their pizzas nicely..

Perhaps if he had any chances to get Hot New Pizza from any of dustbins, he might have tasted the pizza! But the fact, no one will throw the pizza after ordered and paid for it!

Once he was searching trashes from a dustbin.. In that, surprisingly he got a Pamphlet which had the photos of Pizzas! He was so excited to know about it..

He stopped a passerby & showed it.. That person explained. He came to know that it's one of Beggars Pizza Coupons! Yeah, in chicago there is a Pizza Shop named BEGGARS PIZZA. And the coupon says, some offer to have pizza in less price with impressive combo who comes with that Pizza Coupon!

Apart from his daily routine works, that Beggars Pizza Coupon really induced him to spend his full time to think about it & taste the pizza at any cost! He finally decided to enter Beggars Pizza shop with that coupon to taste the pizza.

But he knows that, with his torn costume look and dirty appearance he cannot enter in such hygienic place even if he has money & pizza coupon. So he took this task as mission..

He actually planned to change his costume sense & his look..!

So, in his daily earnings from trashes, he gradually started to buy his nice looking shirt & pant, a decent watch, nice shoes and shining blazer! It took nearly two months to buy all these items for him only to enter that Beggars Pizza in Chicago..

For this costumes & gadget, he actually didn't have his food at most of the times to save the money!

Finally before one day the Beggars Pizza Coupon validity ends, with that stylish costume & gadgets he entered that Beggars Pizza shop like a Rich boy!

The way that pizza shop workers welcomed him, gave respect in great manner, asked excuse to wait him to deliver the pizza, thanksgiving for cash payment and that beautiful girl staff's smile everything made him like a Boss! Well, he got discount for that Beggars Pizza Coupon too!

He never got such respect and manners from anyone in his life as he is homeless! Those things really motivated him a lot!

That half an hour time in pizza shop, he lived his life like a Rich Kid! And he came to know the real value of the Appearance & Attitude!

In that shop, he only knows that he is Homeless. So everyone saw him like, he also one of them! After he came out from Beggars Pizza, that motivation really took him to the next level..

As he loved that half an hour rich life, he didn't like to remain in same homeless situation! From his as usual negligence life, he finally fixed his life goal as "Taking the franchise of some Pizza Brand as business and serve Pizzas free once in a month for all homeless in his place!" 

As a start he started to make savings from his daily earnings! In free times, he went Internet center to learn more about Pizzas and it's related things. He gradually started to get more info about his life goal. He actually changed his mentality from Poor to Rich. As a result, from his savings, he took a Home for rent to live!

A homeless boy got home as successful start, Can't he run a Pizza Shop the same he liked?

Definitely he will!

If you are eager about something, then your subconscious mind will induce you to search & know more about that specific thing! As a result, your experienced knowledge will give you the ultimate success!! It's scientifically proven thing!!

We no need to blame our birth. Because our life always show us many ways to live our life happily! But for that, we should have deep understanding ability & realization mentality to start our life with full of happiness. Poor goes more poorer, you know why? Because, they have to improve their mentality first!

Life gives clues only.. We have to understand the meaning! In this homeless boy story, for his bright future, Beggars Pizza Coupons is the Clue! He realized it in the Pizza Shop!

Don't hesitate to dream! Because, your desires only will lead you to the better places always.. But, if you want to realize something, then you have to be in that situation & you should experience that live happening! So don't afraid to face the failures & don't fail try continuously in your life! Simply to say,

Actually you didn't fail 100 times.. You've just found 100 ways that won't work!! 

Real achievement!