Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend! What I Did to Her?

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best friend! What I did to her?

A right surprise from you, will make any person to think often about you! Surprise exactly means that, you are giving lovely memories to them! Ok, let me share my personal experience for you to make your Husband, wife, best friend or any beloved person to get surprised on their birthday! A short story about birthday surprise ideas to best friend or any other person..

I'm her best friend, and it's her birthday! She mostly doesn't expect any special thing from me as I always concerned about my works only. So if I give atleast a small gift to her, she will be like happiest girl in the world! But lol, I didn't leave her in peace on her birthday..

Actually I planned everything to surprise her from 12AM to 12AM!

We already convinced her elder sister in the morning to help us for giving surprises to her! Assume that, still half an hour only left for her birthday to start, and it's 11.30 PM midnight. Me my another friend arrived at her home's downstairs as she lives in 2nd floor.

She didn't know that we came there. We called her sister & gave 6 gift boxes to keep those in some particular places like, Her two wheeler seat, Under the cot, In refrigerator, Bathroom tub, Behind the television and Terrace!

By exactly 12AM, we rang her and wished for her birthday over the phone.. She said Thanks! We cut the call. She might have thought, How rude I'm! Yeah lol, Because I just said Happy Birthday! Nothing more actually.. Again I made another phone call and asked her to go to her two wheeler and again immediately I cut the call! We hidden ourselves somewhere.

Actually from that two wheeler Gift box to Final gift box in Terrace, all giftboxes have no gifts inside! Each one box has, only a paper with clue that instructs her to find all gift boxes one by one! Like a treasure hunt exact.. Behind the television giftbox clue says, go to the Terrace! She went to the Terrace! In fact, all of her family members went there.. While she watching what's going, we fired Sky Crackers from downstairs! It was like boom nearly 10 minutes full of colourful visuals on sky! 

birthday surprise fire crackers

Her whole family, no no... the whole street came out from their homes, and was watching that fire crackers on the sky! They all were stumbled & Surprised! While she watching those crackers on sky, we requested her Elder sister and family through phone to arrange cake cutting behind her! And they made it! She didn't expect that! Immediately she came down to see us, but I took my car and went..

We didn't show our face! She couldn't thank us in person. Immediately she called, but I cut the call and switched off the phone!!

She went sad and slept with lovely memories. But we didn't sleep actually! By 6 AM we again went to her home downstairs. Actually we already designed & printed customized newspaper which says one and only about her! Newspaper full of her photos & her favourite family photos! Most of the pages were filled by her beloved friends' wishes! So, we instructed some other boy to go upstairs & give it like a newspaper man to her! She received & started to read! She almost had heart attack lol.. Yeah, she couldn't believe that! We really made her like a celebrity! She mesmerized! She not even got the clue that who did this as she have some other friends also!

birthday surprise newspaper

In her birthday morning, she had some works in nearby place. We came to know that by her girlfriend. So before she had shower and rush to that work, we immediately decorated her car completely! When she came down, she really miracled.. She asked with her girlfriend that who did this? But she didn't reveal!

birthday decorated car

Then she was on the way to her work by car with her girlfriend. Before she reaches there, we actually reached that place! Planned everything! One familiar traffic signal is over there. When she came there & waiting in that traffic signal, we sent one traffic cop to stop her car, and present her favourite Hot Chocolate as gift! As we requested, that traffic cop also did that & immediately got back to his work. We were watching that from a visible place with smile.. She really couldn't believe! She really couldn't guess that who planned these surprises.. 

birthday surprise in traffic

After she finished her works, when she returned her home, again she wondered! Yeah, in evening, again we personally decorated her home fully with red carpet, and welcomed her like a princess for final cake cutting in home with friends & family! She finally met us in her home and she was so emotional! She really couldn't express her feel in words! She almost cried after the cake cutting!

birthday home decoration

We didn't leave her even after the cake cutting! Actually we made our specialized dancers ready at downstairs! We took her to ground floor! A car suddenly came there.. Dancers started to come out from the car! An impressive flashmob also started to surprise her! Everyone danced there! All of the area people were like totally shocked & surprised! In her life, whoever she meets, and wherever she goes, this birthday surprises will remain in her memories forever! She can't forget me! Yeah, we made her special day! Friends mean everything..!

birthday surprise flashmob

We planned her birthday surprises pin to pin without any expectations. If you like someone, then just make them happy always by your lovely concern! Actually, as I loved her birthday surprises personally and it emotionally touched me more, later I directed a Short Film in Tamil language named "CHENNAI BRAMMAAKKAL with that birthday surprises concept! Shared that shortfilm link below in my direction. Excuse me for the film without subtitles..

Hope you got some inspiration from my personal birthday surprise ideas for best friend. Plan well & execute it ;)