Exposed 5 Ways to Bring your Ex Girlfriend back to your life

Top 5 Ways to Get your Ex Girlfriend back to your life

Love or life, its all about understanding! To fall in love, there maybe many reasons behind. But to lose your love, there is only one main reason is that misunderstandings! Understanding in the sense, not about her favorites, like or dislikes. Its about understanding her mood depends on the situation. You may be her boyfriend, but that doesn't mean that she is your slave.. 

Expecting so much love always also will give so much pain & gap between relationships. Simply to say, when you want your relationship for long time, its like working in a company! You have to be smart & work always to get the Salary (Love)! 

So before go to the tips to get your Ex girl friend back, you have to know about major of girls mentality basically. 

Common facts that you have to know about girls..

1. She may made mistake, even the big! But she will wait even for hours near the phone for you to call & ask sorry with her ! Once you ask sorry, she will come down! Don't expect justice with your girlfriend if you need lifelong relationship...!

2. Love also has competitors!  You maybe in relationship with her, but the world won't let her in peace.. Other boys also will show their smartness & sweetness to her at somewhere. She will get impressed by someone, but she cannot express. The aftermath, she will start compare you with that 3rd person boy's smartness. So always impress her by your surprises & smartness! Don't let her to think that someone is best than you!

3. She always wants her freedom. So don't squeeze her by asking so many suspicious questions & putting conditions that you caring her a lot!

4. Girls likes surprises. So surprise her often!

5. Don't ever praise about some other girl with her. If she doesn't has that what you are praising about other, that will become a bad memory to her. Girls always likes her boyfriend to praise about her only! 

6. Girls like punctuality. Be in time and make her satisfied!

7. Never blame girls for any. As basically they are sensitive in heart & body, take responsibility of all and give her specialized comfort zone!

8. Don't ever think to win your girlfriend! Always ready to be a loser with her. She will love you more when she wins & realize that you made her win! If you lose with her, you will win in life with her!

9. Girl always love polite & lovely words. So always speak with more love. In every conversation, make any of memorable talk or specific lovely word that she is more than anything to you!

10.  She is a human & she also has feelings. So in somewhere, because of handsome guys at some circumstances she may have crush on any boy. Its an universal fact. Don't react fast! Grow your mentality & react like matured! I exactly mean, don't be silly & suspect her! Your any of silly activity will make her tense & show the way to keep gap in your relationship. Rather than suspect her, show your more love even if she has crush!. Your true affection & care will make her to think to leave wrong thoughts or affair!

"Now let's see the top 5 ways to Bring your Ex girlfriend back.."

1. Send someone to convey her Indirectly!

Once you are ready to mingle with her again, first of all leave your Ego & Behave like matured! You have to prepare a little actually. As a first step to bring your Ex girlfriend back, try to meet her friend or neighbor accidentally! Not intentionally..! It should be like on the way.. You just make a plan.. 

Once you meet her friend, make a space in coffee shop or something. Then start talk more about your girlfriend. About you liked with her, her plus points, first meet, unforgettable moments, her independence, her uniqueness & more about her! Make her friend to understand that you are still in love & couldn't forget her badly! 

Have nice friendship with her friend. Finally say that, Dear friend, I met you suddenly & her memories came. So couldn't control myself to share my feelings and memories. Please don't mistake me. I'm leaving..!!

Her friend will definitely will pass this message to her personally with her extra caring words.. Once she conveyed, you GF will surely start to think about those lovely memories.. It will give pleasant feel that you are still concern about her.. Indirect approach always wins! 

2. Make an Unnamed surprise!

Plan some surprise to happen in public like flashmob or something which makes her to remember the past. Once the surprise session finishes, you don't appear there & don't disclose that who told to make that surprise!

Don't worry, she will definitely think about you as the surprise related to your past love. She will think about the past lovely memories & she will search for you there..

3. Continuous SORRY! approaches..

Sorry!!.. This word means a lot! It probably make big positive changes in relationship. But the problem is that, we fail to sorry for our mistakes. 

Ok, now as a 3rd step, atleast for a month, in daily routine basis, wherever she goes send someone to Give her a "SORRY!" carrying notes or cards which consists heart melting sorry quotes too! 

She may reject for one or two times.. But the psychology says, when the same thing is been continuously happens, the human will start looking into it & consider about it.. Approach with hope! Cheers! She is not beyond science.. We are chasing her scientifically too!!! 

4. Recall yourself & list your mistakes! 

If you want change in your broken relationship, you have to realize about what you did! Go back to your memories & recall yourself to know about what are all the mistake that you've done before with her! Take notes of all your mistakes. 

Even if you didn't do any mistakes for breakup, you just take responsibility for her mistakes too..

5. Get ready to surrender yourself!

Make a plan, and try to meet her in Comfort private spot. In a girl's anger mode, you cannot make her understand about anything. She will react like mad & shout like anything. As you already tried in impressive ways to convey sorry, she will definitely start listening your words in the meet!

Don't go with Ego mentality! If you truly want your girlfriend back, then get ready to surrender yourself completely with her whatever happens! 

Apologize for every mistakes & misunderstandings! Apologize more.. If possible cry out! 

Mention about life's most lovable moments that you've spent with her! 

Explain about her role & value in your life! 

Explain more about what are all the positive changes that she made in you! 

Explain the honest adorable reasons for why you need her back!

Beg her to start the new life again with more Love in Complete understanding!

Make promises about you won't do the mistakes ever!

Make her understand that you cannot live without her & she is a most precious girl in your life!

Don't threaten her, make lovely play in words! Your words should impress her more!

Say her that you realized your mistakes.. Every one makes mistakes in their life, am also did the same. I swear, I won't repeat! I will be a soulmate of you! Forgive me dear! Like this speak from your heart, speak with more love.. Be gentle! Never blame or get tense with her. Accept whatever she says! 

Hoping, these tips are useful to you.. These tips can be used for girls too to get their Ex boyfriend back. Techniques are same, gender is just different ;) Just approach with hope, let the positive thing happen! Especially to say, In love relationship, text messages having a big part of couples to remain in their love for lifelong. Some text messages are very powerful to express the feel & make the magic to get your Ex girlfriend or Ex boyfriend back.. You may never heard or seen to create & send that type of messages.. See those text messages here..