Follow your Dreams & Live your Dreams! Tips for Chasing the Dream!

Follow your Dreams & Live your Dreams! Tips for Chasing the Dream!

You know the giant secret of success already, but actually you are not considering about it! Yeah, its called "SUPPORTERS"! alias Manpower, Team, Fans, Members etc..  Whatever, you just name it! From politics to business, without human strength there will nothing happen! 

Single hand alone cannot make noise! It should join with the other one!! Simply to say, whatever maybe your dream, but to reach your goal in short period, you have to start building your SUPPORTERS as your HABIT in the daily routine life! Just dream your dreams, then follow your dreams and Live your dreams!!!

That mean, it shouldn't like intentionally. See the man, speak nicely, convert as your fan.. Simple! For this, you have to change your character & attitude for a little to make it happen positively! Basically, you should have believe in your dreams first.

Life is all about thoughts & works. Thoughts are being converted as works. For instance, think that you are a Filmmaker and you are going to narrate your story with your producer for Film production. How will he produce? He should have trust in you first! 

For that, your "WORDS" should give him more confidence about yourself. When your conversation was impressed him, then he won't leave you anyway! Everything will fall in place, if you convinced him!

The same applies to every field & all other categories of works. Try to speak so impressively & start forming your beloved supporters daily with potential persons you meet! Once they become your supporter, they will work free for your dreams with more love in their best side! So, wherever you go, whoever you meet, try to leave some unforgettable impressive word & lovely memory with them! They shouldn't forget you! They should expect your presence again!

Contacts are main wealth! Start to meet atleast one new potential person daily & convert him/her as your fan..! Words have that much power! The best speakers are the awesome rulers everywhere...

Once you started to form your supporters, you can use them for any of good causes also later! Creator or Multi millionaire, they are also humans! So when you can play with your adorable lovely words, that impressive feel will get them into your life with more care & they will do their best for you.. Its like you are a silent leader for them! All you need to know is What to do? & How to do? to impress someone..!

Read the best & take the notes!

Without homework, there is no big result. So in the start, just read & memorize some of effective life quotes & poems which suits for all humans. Because, when you using these quotes & poems while speaking, they will love it! The people always love the examples & they will accept the words without negotiation which was said by achieved personalities! 

It also means that, you are a very good reader & best person to discuss about anything..! But you only know that, you've just read some of quotes only ;) 

Hear much & Speak less first!

Be a good listener first & become a valuable speaker to them.. This will help you to analyse their nature of character first. So depends on their desires & passions you can start triggering by your impressive words in their taste! 

Appreciation is the magical thing!

Do you know the appreciation benefits? In this world, everyone loves someone to appreciate them and their works. A right appreciation on the right time will give a person more strength to win the situation magically!

So look around, note some of good things in them & start to appreciate for that! Some of brilliants also there. So be careful! Your appreciation should be very honest and gentle for their appropriate work or nature. 

The fact is that, once they feel that you are a fan of them, then they never neglect you at anytime even if they are in situation to avoid.. Because the common mentality on people is that, we won't like to lose our fan who loved us!

Praise them properly!

This is same like before. But there is a difference between Appreciation & Praising. That mean, you can appreciate them to get something first.. Once they got it, then praise them for that hard work! Don't praise too much for a single thing.. If you want to praise them more, you should have their different experiences or nature obviously!  

Speak with caring!

Care them more, Tell them free remedies or tips, Suggest the right thing, Use more sweetness words, Make them understand that you are different than normal persons, Leave some fruitful conversation in their taste, Make them understand that you are not money motive person, Indirectly convey your personality value in this society, Start a new valuable friendship daily & keep building supporters..

Don't fail to chasedream ever! With your personalized special supporters team, you can follow your dreams and achieve anything in this world easily.. Just start to live your dreams! All the best...