How the Medical Miracle Happens When Some Severe Illness Kills Your Health?

How the medical miracle happens when some severe illness kills your health?

People mostly will come to know the immense value of health, only when they suffer from some illness. So, the evergreen words are, Prevention is better than cure! Doctors are not more than positive power! But when the doctors couldn't cure your illness medically, then can you cure your illness yourself? Yes you can!
You may say it as God.. I say it as positive vibrations' effect!

When you are very conscious about yourself even after you suffered from some illness, then that word will come from doctor's mouth without negotiations! And that one is,

"It's Medical Miracle! How it happened?!"

Yeah, there are more possibilities in earth for the miracles to happen in human life. For that, humans basically should practice and keep some important habits in their routine life. Medication is just half & the patient's willpower is complete another half! 

More than medications, have trust in Positive vibrations! Whatever happens in this earth, its all about vibrations around you! For instance, when someone started to yell the person always negatively, then that victim will become more negative person mentally & some inferiority complex will come unknowingly to him! That's the power of negative vibration's continuous effect! Exactly to say, positive or negative vibration, whichever is higher from someone, that will dominate the weaker one obviously!

So never ever feel bad about yourself & health condition! Always think that you are cured! And more to say in fact, Visualization has more power than anything! So before you go to sleep, there is a state mentally called ALPHA! That mean the state between half sleep & consciousness! That is the most crucial & powerful state with every human! In that state, if you can visualize everything which you wanted to get in your life, then all those will happen definitely with you!

Like, You cured completely & going foreign for tour trip! Which flight for trip, which hotel for stay, which places you visited like that! In scientifically to say, that ALPHA state will awaken your subconscious mind & will store everything there what you visualized at that crucial time! And after that, wherever you go, whatever you think, the subconscious mind will get the positive vibrations around you & transmit the possible opportunities into you to make the miracle in human body!

And moreover, you should transfer more positive vibrations into your body in many ways! That mean, if you get hungry, you are eating something right?! The same like, to make miracles, you should transmit more positive vibration into your body! In this life, there are some activities, habits, thinking, thoughts have some special power which positively makes some vibrations in human body! So you should find it first, and keep doing it regularly to transmit that positive power into your body!

For instance, Some Mantras chanting will make the positive vibrations at anywhere! Some of particular materials Visualizing in mind will make the positive feel in your body! Always thinking about the best memories & the lovely incidents happened in your life will make you happy always!

Being in high confident level, mentally will transmit the positive vibration into you! Non worrying mentality will make you speedy recovery at any cost! Have trust in miracles & do everything with 101% hope! You can search in YouTube or google for the exact practicals that instantly generates the positive vibration in the human body!

Mainly, you should self motivate yourself often! You shouldn't expect other person's help when you have illness! Not only the god will make miracle in you.. Your dedication about your health will give better results for sure! That dominant willpower & the confidence will make the reliable hormone reactions in your body for the miracles to happen in your health!