How to be a Good Parent? Being a Parent what should you learn to teach your kids?

How to be a Good Parent? Being a Parent what should you learn to teach your kids?

Here I want to break some common mentality of parents & activity about their kids in parenting. Kindly excuse me for the real facts. Some of you who reading this may hate me also! No issues, let me start to explain about the relationship between Parents and Children & which is the better way for Mom & Dad to teach their kids.. If you had such questions about How to be a Good parent? and Being a Parent what should you learn to teach your kids in right way? then this article is for you!

Parenting is equal to divine! Contamination & Laziness ruling the current generation.. Everything becomes slow poison now a days! So getting pregnant & become parents is like boon for the current generation living. In this case, when you have situation to become a Mom & Dad, then you should be very proud here..

I said already, technology growing like giant.. Current & upcoming generation kids who born in this world are basically very knowledgeable by birth! Scientifically I can explain WHY in detail.. As it takes big Paragraph, let me conclude the WHY in short here.  

DNA! Dad & Mom's knowledge, Intellectual assets, The way you see, The things you hear, The thoughts & Activities all are getting born as your Kids! The kids will resemble some of your mannerisms & habits.. Say for instance, if you are 60% mean, your kid will grow more than 70%! This updated society will teach your kid more & you are an old dated version obviously! In fact to say, there are some Parenting Styles in our society. It's all about maturity of the Good parents.

So first of all, don't ever think that your kid doesn't know anything! Their grasping power is basically very high.. Every kid has their passion & desires. So, depends on their interest they will learn that particular thing quickly.. 

Respect their birth like yours!

Basically know the fact that, your kid also a soul which has their own desires & passions to come and live in this beautiful earth! You are just a gateway for your kids to born here! Assume that, some stranger comes to your home & start controlling your freedom and dominating like you are slaves! Can you accept that? No right?! 

The same applies here.. 

The only reason of you are parents to your kids, you are indirectly going into their freedom.. Give their freedom and make them understand that not to misuse it! You can take care of your kids, but please don't overrule them! Give options, let them select! Show the way, let them walk! Never compel.. Your freedom guidance will definitely hold them to live a life on the right path! Growing a child is also an great Art ! You learn first, then grow them up..

Find whats their style & which is their passion!

Don't ever stuff your own desires with your kid to achieve! Simply to say, when Sachin Tendulkar's parents compelled their kid to become a businessman like bill gates, then the kid will do somewhat business for living by the compulsion of parents without desire. But they can't shine in that field! Waste of efforts!!

Yeah, SACHIN TENDULKAR cannot do business like BILL GATES & BILL GATES cannot play cricket like SACHIN TENDULKAR! Its all about their passion! They will become what they are!

In this case, the biggest responsibility of parents is that, you should take much time, analyse your kids more to find their Passion & Style! Once you find their passion, then support in that field with more confidence & trust! They will make it happen one day! Get ready to be proud & take credits as you were behind their success!!!

Ruling fails & Friendship wins in Parenting!

Don't try to dominate or rule your kids! Gradually they will come to their maturity. So, try to be a best friend of them! Once you start to grow your child like this, then they will trust you more than anyone! They won't hide anything with you.. I'm damn sure!

They will share everything with their parents as you are being a very good friend of them! Discuss everything & you too share your meaningful personal things to them. The world is waiting outside to reach your kids with strange things. So before they go out, make them clear inside home! It means, it was already conveyed by you, then you are like Super heroes to them! 

Have trust on your kids & motivate them more!

Never compare your children's ability with other kids. Everyone having their specialty & uniqueness. So don't let your kids to feel bad about themselves. Motivate them to achieve it, motivate them more! Teach them good habits in routine basis & teach them to be behave like matured!

When the habits are being continued daily, then it becomes as their addiction! Addiction towards their passion & goodness is most appreciated thing! 

It's all about learning, understanding & teaching with kids for parents..! There are more Parenting forums which will make you clear about Kids mentality. If you have time, just participate in that. So learn first properly about parenting styles & guide your kids to get a bright future in their passionate events!