How to get Motivated Instantly? Motivational Phrases for Staying motivated!

How to get Motivated Instantly? Motivational Phrases for Staying motivated!

In fact to say, You have everything, You know everything & You can do everything! All you need to do is, just REALIZE yourself! 

That mean, just try to realize about..

Who you are! What you are!! and Why you are!!!

For these questions, you may not know the right answers..

Actually you are reading my explanation now, and I really don't know who you are! But still, I can say everything about you, which you don't know about yourself! 


Yep, I'm going to tell you how special you are in this world! Leave the worries about how to get motivated. Just freely read these motivational phrases and get some motivation about your life.

You are Inborn unique person! You know that?

It's a fundamental truth! Yeah, just look at your LEFT THUMB PRINT! 

The persons who lived in this world in the past didn't have same like yours! Current living persons also doesn't have like yours! Even in future no one will have like yours!

Then just try to understand, How unique person you are! Unique persons shouldn't get worried! Start live your life in your own style.. Staying motivated is little hard in the start. Just practice it.. Practice makes a man perfect!

I don't have money to live.. What to do?

Well, a good question! At the same time look around the world.. Some of people even don't have their body parts like hands, legs, kidney, eyes etc.. Yeah, they are physically challenged!

Even the handicapped persons achieving more now a days in different fields! They working smart & making their dreams come to true! 

If they can survive without body parts in this world without worriesmean, then the only COLOUR PAPERS (CURRENCIES) are big deal to you?

Money is needed one for life, But not only Money is life!

God gives more problems.. He is not considering me!

I'm not going into the theory of Is God Real or not?. Just coming with your thoughts.. You are thinking that the god, only gives tribulation to you.. And he is not considering you right?

Just think from different angle.. He is a very busy person who was appointed to take care of all the living things around the galaxy.. In this very busy schedule, he actually separated time for you especially in giving Tribulations!

That mean, he actually sees you! He is testing you whether you can survive or not in these issues! Because, once the success comes to you, the past bitter experiences will be a better lessons to you for remain in same success position! You will value your position very carefully! God is very smart!

That's ok, but I have continuous failures! What shall I do?

Simple! You should have more struggling willpower in you! Assume that, SUCCESS is like a big PALACE and FAILURES are like PILLARS of the PALACE..

If the PALACE (Success) needs to stand without falling, then the PILLARS COUNT (Failures) should be in large numbers!!!

It's actually not failures.. Every time you fail in something, then you are learning something strongly in that! Be strong in heart & don't hesitate to welcome your failures! At sometime, your valuable experiences will lead you to taste the success!

Do always what you like!

Whenever you feel like drained, then do the things whatever you like the most! That passionate satisfaction feel will keep you in comfort mood & motivate you more!

Speak with that Enlightening joyful person!

There is a word, Reading 10 Books for 10 days is same like, Speaking 10 minutes with a person about those books who read!

You may definitely know atleast a friend, welwisher or relative who is always being positive! So, whenever you feel sad or something is not good, then don't hesitate to meet or call that positive person! 

The conversation with them will give more confident about your life! They will transform their positive energy unknowingly to you! It's like regenerating your energy levels!!

Read success stories of achieved personalities!

Whatever the field, there definitely will be more successful persons. So depends on your field, find online & read difficulties and struggles behind the achievements of successful persons!

Their success stories obviously will motivate you more to restart your efforts with huge confidence!

When you think, I can't do this or that, then probably somewhere in the world, someone is finishing that same thing without hassles! All you need is trust in yourself & stability!

Self motivation is the giant thing that will lead you to the right place! Practice daily! Stay calm, be positive, think smart & do well in your life! 

Don't give up.. All the best!! Cheers buddy!!