How to Solve Relationship Problems? A Motivating Grandfather Story!

How to solve relationship problems? A motivating grandfather story!

How to solve family problems? Dealing with family conflict is not that much easy. But if you are matured about one important thing, then it's very easy to handle!

Let's see an useful simple grandfather story that motivates you more to understand about relationship problems & react appropriately at important circumstances.

In a wedding reception hall it's happening..

The Bride & Groom giving nice poses for photos and receiving their friends, relatives and more on stage. Just getting their gifts & thanking them all too.

In Between, some entertainment show also going in the hall to entertain the crowd..


An old aged grandfather got up from audience and rushed to the entertainment stage..

He asked for the MIC & it was given to him..

He immediately speaks something and getting the main attention of the Bride & Groom! He actually announces an interesting game for newly married couple..!

He also announces that, $500 as cash prize if they win..

As it is a wedding occasion & all the people are watching, the Bride & Groom both are very much excited to participate in that game..

The Grandfather started to tell about the game rule..

"He will give a long thread to the new couple.. The Bride & Groom have to stand and hold the thread from it's one of edge, and the grandfather will stand and hold the thread from it's another edge..

The couple have to pull & need to cut that thread into two!.. If they do, they will win!!"

He gave that normal thread to that couple and they are standing at their edges..

They understood the game rule & they are ready for the game to start..

Everyone is watching them with more excitement.. And the grandfather said, 1.. 2.. 3... Go!!!

"The couple started to pull the thread to cut into two pieces.. But the grandfather was running behind them with that thread to not to cut!.."

The couple also running & trying their best to cut that.. But, as the grandfather runs behind them, they couldn't cut that thread actually..

Couple became tired and asked justice with the grandfather..

"Grandfather., You told to cut this thread to win the prize.. But if you are running behind us like this, then how the thread will get cut into two pieces and How will we win?? It's not fair.. We have to win..!"

The grandfather smiled & smartly replied..

"My dear young couple, I accept your concern about winning.. But actually, in this special day, you have to learn something from this GAME seriously..

Today you both are getting married each other.. Days will run & things might change depends on the situation. Some misunderstandings also will come into the Husband & Wife relationship in future..

So you both have to keep one main thing in your mind to avoid all misunderstandings in your married life..

Just assume that, this thread is like your LIFE! In this LIFE, in one edge the husband is standing & in the other edge, the wife is standing..

When the problem comes between you both, only for a silly thing to win, If you both pull the THREAD (Life) from different edges, then what will happen?

The THREAD (Life) will cut into two pieces.. And the life will not be valued any more!

So, don't ever try to win your life partner! Winning is not a big deal.. You have to remain in evergreen love for lifelong!

When the problem comes, whoever pulls the THREAD from the respective edge, the other person should adjust, give up and run behind them for the beautiful life! When this nature comes with you both, then no one can ruin your life!

I said already, don't ever try to win your life partner! Try to be a loser with your partner, then you most probably will win the whole life together!"

The audience who watched & heard that event from hall, just made standing ovation for the needed motivation to all the couples!!!

Some problems in life may come and go. If you love your family partner truly, then dealing with family conflict and overcome relationship problems are very easy!

Adjustments, temperance, acceptance & matured behaviour with couples are qualified divine things which always wins the family life!