Painful Struggles Behind Independent Filmmakers..

Painful struggles behind Independent Filmmakers..

Audience are gem, and they are always right! They are coming to theaters, watching movie & passing the reviews. Whatever maybe the promotion method, but the Word of Mouth has extreme power for the film's massive hit with nice collections! The audience really don't know the making efforts and all. Small film or Big film, there will be definitely much efforts of the technicians for the First copy. But when the film fails to entertain the audience, they will simply say it as flop.. So considering & entertaining audience with SCRIPT CONTENT is the most important thing! Current Film producers & Film distributors should respect this feel.

Independent Filmmakers (Indie Filmmakers) mean, they are coming to the film industry with the enough knowledge to Direct films. I didn't mean all the persons who coming for film direction! I am telling about the Indie filmmaker's previous works like Short Films, Albums, Pilots will convince the film producers as well! Producers & people probably can see the winning fire on the winning indie filmmaker's face and activities!

They can trust and produce them when the script is convincing! At least give them a chance first to narrate the story when they come to production office.. Actually Independent filmmakers, won't work as Assistant director. That's it..

But that doesn't mean that they cannot direct a feature film! You can count the hit films which was given by the established directors in fingers easily.. Because it's very less! The truth is, the Independent filmmakers who came from the audience side, who grew up by watching more movies as a crazy movie watchers & learnt film making through watching movies are more capable & talented than experienced the assistant directors! They know the audience pulse very well than anyone!

In fact, there are hundreds of assistant directors, only working as Assistants only.. for life long! So the Independent filmmakers realizing their capability & potential around the industry! As they are good movie watchers, they are very updated about films & film making! Only with the desire to become famous, an Indie filmmaker cannot achieve honestly!

The enlightening matured Indie filmmakers' impressive conversation, understanding level & field update will impress anyone when they are ready to hear! That film making confident basically comes to them, only because of the utter flops movies given by the experienced filmmakers with scrap content! That mean, the trend have changed, and the old monopolies need to update themselves fundamentally!

Do you think the independent filmmaker is not worth to direct a film? Just see the legendary Independent Filmmakers what said..

"When people ask me, if I went to film school I tell them, No.. I went to films!"

"It's very important that every movie I do makes money, because I want the people that had the faith in me to get their money back.." 

- Quentin Tarantino (Legendary Independent Filmmaker)

“Age & experience is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese..! ” 

- Luis Buñuel (Independent Filmmaker)

"I make movies just as painters paint: I work where I can.." 

- Jean Jacques Annaud (Independent Filmmaker)

"We live in a society that compels us to go on using these concepts, and we no longer know what they mean..!"

- Michelangelo Antonioni (Independent Filmmaker)

And there are more successful independent filmmakers who achieved without working as Assistant director! Maturity & predominant passion towards the film making means a lot! The main problem in cinema industry now is, Producers always respect the High market Celebrity hero dates more than the value of the Script! In fact, many of film producers not even listening the script of upcoming directors. They mainly focusing on artist dates, then only scripts! So when the energetic filmmakers goes to producers with winning commercial script, as they demanding the big artist dates without hearing the script, then the independent filmmaker comes out with negative answer.

Because, most of the high celebrities heroes are not ready to do the film with debut filmmakers who didn't work with any other films previously. But the indie filmmaker's script will be highly convincing and their short films and previous independent works are really valuable! Actually the truth is, whoever will act in flop content, then the film will declared as Flop without getting invested budget!

Whether producers or Distributors need to face the loss for sure! Only with high celebrities casting namesake, Producers cunningly selling their film with good profit & Making someone distributors into loss! Is this genuine? It's not fair business at all! This cunning selling really sets the bad trend in industry.Cinema industry people need to set the trend for audience to watch upcoming heroes films also!

Actually audience also mostly expecting the valuable good films than the celebrity casting. But they couldn't watch the upcoming heroes films in theaters as distributors didn't buy to release it! As the producers looking for celebrities, Distributors also buying only the celebrity casted movies. So when the movies are getting released continuously only with celebrities casting, then the people also getting mentality to watch only celebrities movies. So the independent filmmakers who did movies with upcoming heroes are not getting theaters to release the film badly.

So independent filmmakers are struggling more to convince the high market celebrities, getting producers and getting theaters too. As the cinema is the evergreen entertaining medium, it need to get updated in thoughts. We need to be united.. When the investors started to respect the scripts first, then only the namesake established directors will start to think to give good creations to the people. Producers can consider the script & give the chance to upcoming Independent filmmakers. As a result, hopefully they can expect for guaranteed returns & top notch entertainment to audience also!