Psychological Benefits of Wife Breastfeeding to Husband!

Psychological benefits of Wife Breastfeeding to Husband!

No need to get shy to discuss about this topic! A lovely wife, just breastfeeding to husband.. How sounds it good? When a wife has so much love with her husband, then it will reflect in her activities. Most of the family relationship wins mainly depends on the Understanding & Sex satisfaction. 

As the world not speaking frankly about sex in public places that doesn't mean, Sex is not an important thing! In fact to say psychologically, humans mainly need better sex with their life partner & it's their evergreen need! 

In this ultimate relationship goals, a wife breastfeeding to husband will make many positive changes with men psychologically to win a family life! 

After new born, wife gives priority to her baby than husband!

Most of the wives, once they got their new born, they always gives priority to care their baby. Actually they will gradually fail to care their husband. As a matured husband, he will know that wife is busy in caring baby. Even though, his heart will always wants his wife to care him more than anyone!

In this notable thing the main part is that, breastfeeding to baby, only thing that satisfies the baby's hungry.. At that stage, when a wife not hesitating & happily breastfeeding her husband will make him to think how specially you are caring him even the milk is limited only to baby!

So whenever the problem comes in family, this type of lovable unforgettable memory will solve any problems! When a wife starts caring her husband more, even the new born is there, then he will love his wife extremely than anyone!

You are his another mother when women breastfeeding men!

No human can't remember their mom's breastfeeding or taste when they were a kid. 

So, the respective lovely wife only will give a same opportunity by breastfeeding to husband to visualize about those adorable days with his mom as a kid!

I'm damn sure, when you gave this irreplaceable feel to your husband, then he won't leave you at any moments as you became his another mom!

Some men are denying to taste their wife's breast. Why?

Size matters! Yeah, when we can see from men's point of view, then we can understand that breast size matters with a girl/woman. Men mostly love to take a look, press & taste large breasts than small sizes. Because large breasts can impress a man easily.

Perhaps if you have small boobs, you no need to worry even. There are some easy ways to enlarge your breasts easily without taking surgeries. So be ready & make your man to fall in love with you forever!

Breastfeeding is more than Intercourse with husband to win his heart!

Actually to say breastfeeding is more than Sex! A lovely intercourse session with wife will make a husband to satisfy physically..

But, breastfeeding to husband is a complete romantic end! When you breastfeed him, it means that, He is like your another baby & You are caring him always.. As men always love breasts & having extraordinary desires with women's romantic session than a Just sex session, your breastfeeding will set his mood like you are very romantic than any other girls..

Once he started to feel this, then your sex relationship will be fundamentally strong for sure! Family life is all about understanding! You have to impress each other often!

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Medical benefits of breastfeeding milk!

Breastfeeding milk actually works as medical remedy too! A scientific research says, With adults or kids, 2-3 drops of breast milk into ears will cure normal ear infections. 

And also, there are many sources that says breast milk with eye drops also cures severe PINKEYE problems! And moreover, the breast milk also known as a best remedy for Sore Throat with kids even adults!