That small gap between Rich and Poor! What is poverty?

That small gap between Rich and Poor! What is poverty?

Poor becomes poorer & Rich becomes more rich! Some of rich persons are not even know to fill the bank challan.. Its the bitter truth!

Then you might think, without knowledge how the people making more money?! With more knowledge why I'm still in more financial crisis?!

Do you know what is poverty? What causes poverty with people? Do you know that small gap between rich and poor? If you can understand this deep meaning, then you rich life's gate will get opened!

The honest answer for those questions is, you have to concentrate more on YOURSELF! Yep, you have to change your personality & thoughts a little to make the unbelievable miracles to happen in your life..

Don't ever blame the richest persons! If something not happened with you, then the problem is with yourself! Take responsibility for the problems in your life, then you will gradually come to know the success secrets! Let me tell you some main reasons why its happening..

1. Rich persons always do "SMART" work than "HARD" work!

If you are working in a company or somewhere, don't always take credits from your management only for your Hard work.. Because it maybe proud to hear, but to become rich you have think smart!

Don't always do your works which was given to you.. Analyse the work, reasons behind, the techniques, safety backups, unique specialities, success reasons for you to become rich like your boss..

As I said earlier, hard work will give you salary, but the smart work only will set you in high as a Rich person!

2. Reputed rich persons always happy to spend more!

Rich persons always trust in their contacts! So they won't hesitate to spend money to keep a contact as their good friend or welwisher. A proper contact will give you more right opportunities!

So please don't tell reasons that you are a poor to spend like rich. If you need to become rich, you have to build your valuable contacts. So spend for your contacts at right time and for right things..!

3. Learn to speak like motivator!

Improve your speaking skills.. Its much needed one! Your words should attract the people more! You no need to be an actor/actress to become famous.. If your words are so impressive, then you are a celebrity for your circle!

They won't do anything or plan without you! They will discuss everything with you.. So practice! Use this powerful shadow opportunity & improve your speaking skill more!

4. Expand your circle in premium luxury places!

I already said, contacts mean everything. To have the right valuable contacts, then you have to be in that type of places..! When you are in such places, your impressive speaking skill will attract the big shots for sure! The will become your fan.. 

For instance, Let me share my own experience here. In my country, for one of my need, I waited nearly 4 months to get one entrepreneur's appointment, I didn't get that. After some days, I just went to play Casino in other country, its a tourist place.. The person from my same country was playing casino in my same table. He liked my attitude & character..

After we spoke personally much, I came to know that he is a Chairman of very big group in my state! He immediately helped me to get my appointment from that entrepreneur! Only one phone call all he made! The very next day once I landed in my mother town, I met that person!!

So you too try to mingle in more potential places! Participate in exhibitions, Join in valuable clubs, Attend entrepreneurs workshops and all the places which will give you the appropriate friends. In the start, don't worry to spend! Gradually you will gain the contacts.

5. Always have positive thoughts & have faith in you!

Once you become a positive person always, then the opportunities definitely will fall in place! Your positive thoughts will attract more people & they always wanted to be with you..

Have trust in yourself & have visualization of your success as dreams.. Start visualize your rich life in your mind! Start living your rich life in visuals daily! Never lose hope & be positive always! This mentality & quality will bring you all the opportunities from all the places!

That means, this quality will impress the persons like magnet who around you! They will love you for sure! When someone started to love you, then making business & profit is not a big deal at all!

6. Reputed rich persons never respect money! They respect people!

Many of reputed richest persons, never consider their money! This adorable rare mentality will give them more reliable persons to work honestly for them! Don't follow your money & never be a money motive person! 

When you have this much quality even from the start, you will obviously get more blessings from people & they will stand for your growth strongly! This is the shadow fact but the powerful fact! Earn good persons first to become rich.. 

Simply to say, Think like rich, React like rich & Behave like rich..! Decide what you want to be & Start to live like that!

7. Investing strategies & techniques!

Most of the richest persons are following one main common thing! Yeah, till normal starting stage they will work for getting profit. Once they started to have nice profits, then they will invest that money in very right giving back things! That means, in right investment places!

So after they invested, that investment will give them profit, and they no need to work more like past! This is the main thing.. So, search and look for right investment sectors which will give you nice returns.. Don't be greed & Plan properly..! Money will make more money than physical efforts at some stage!

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