Transgender definition and Transgender Issues that we need to know!

Transgender definition and Transgender Issues that we need to know!

Transgenders! Yep, it wasn't their mistake. Birth & the Harmones wins! In human body, harmones have the main part of being & behaving as per wishes at times. Getting happy, being in sad mood, excitement, angry, erotic mood all are depends on the Visuals of eye & feeling of the mood. Many of people still don't know the transgender definition & transgender issues unfortunately..

Feelings are happening because of Harmon changes in the body scientifically. So when the boy or girl has changes in their activities like an opposite Sex, it means they have Harmone change in their body system obviously. "When the nature starts to trigger us, we have to accept it calmly than worrying". 

Some of people born as transgender, some other people getting changed from their routine life as transgender. Even the life has more twists than a Thriller Film! Let's see whats our best can be given to them as we are from normal life & common people..

Separation kills..

In a family, when a person was identified as transgender gradually, firstly we have to consult with a doctor. When it can't get cured medically, please don't ever think to separate them in some orphan or somewhere. Because separation & the guilty feel kill them more than anything. At that time they need more care & affection.

Rather than blaming the God for this, understanding & some counselling also better to make them understand that it is nothing & it's a hormone change. Don't leave them. Motivate, motivate more, show them best examples & teach them to live a life.

They may have change in sex, but not in abilities! They have soul, they are not physically challenged! Many transgenders are achieving now a days in different fields & many industries positively.. So that, knowing about transgender definition is needed one to all of us.

Begging is Bigger Disease!

You might have seen that, many transgenders are begging in Roads & Somewhere around the country. The main reason for that is, we are denying them to give job opportunities. It's about transgender issues. You can ask with any transgender that, why you are you begging? The answer mostly will be for surviving.

No use of blaming the common people as they are afraid of transgenders & their activities. Common people are not aware of Transgenders actually. In fact, If the change need to happen with the people, then it should get started with the Government fundamentally!

The government should take special care with transgenders. Government itself should appoint them first in some of Government jobs. Also they should give awareness by giving briefs & instructing society in their social connections.

When the Govt itself started to care, then the people also get enlightened and they will care them & giving jobs in their bandwidths. When the majority of Transgenders will get appointed, then some of lazy in them who still begs will get guiltiness, and start working in their own for living!

Some of transgenders are Bad in Activities.. What shall I do?

For this Question we have to know about minority & majority! In world population, Males & Females are the most of living humans. That means a MAJORITY! Transgenders are in very very low population. Obviously a low MINORITY!

So in this case, the notable low minority whatever will do, that will be visible to the common people. Can you say in Majority of males & females around the world, there are only Good hearted & no bad persons are there? Can you say this? Definitely No right!? The same applies here..

Leave about bad in them. Care & respect the Good in them. Don't hesitate to support them ever! What I say is, our thoughts are being converted as Activities.. When you are in happy mood, you can speak with smile. But when you are in bad mood, you can't speak even! Smile is secondary..

Yeah! The same like, as of now the transgenders are feeling that they were abandoned from normal humans by the humans. So some of their activities also may be little bad with common people. When the situation changes, and the people started to care them like normal people, then everything will get changed thoroughly.

Specialities in Transgenders!

They are very united basically! You probably may have seen, if any problem will happen to a transgender, their whole community will fight for their justice.

Very caring characters! Their body may be hard, but they are very sensitive in heart. They basically helping natured hearts. When they started like a person, they will shower so much care towards that person.

Adamant in Achievements! They rarely focus on something needy. But when they are into it, their aggression & boldness will give them more power & they never get back till they achieve it!

Not money motive! They may beg, but they never consider money with humanity. There are lot of examples like, Transgenders alone helped for unknown person's surgery, even the patient's family was left!

The best friend too!  If you have a true transgender friend & they started to trust you, perhaps you need some help, they will give their best for you to come out from that problem! Even financially!!

Other fundamental needs for Transgenders..

As transgenders have many common & privacy issues Government have to value the humanity & should consider about the transgenders by announcing them as 3rd gender officially. In Government Identity proofs, Address proofs, forms, other certifications and all other hard papers, online sign ups, there is a Sex box which gives Male or Female option to select.

It should come with Transgender option too. Also it's sounds good when we are giving transgender toilets, Transgenders queue, Transgender special quota & more announcements which encourages them to being in their specialized gender proudly!