What Will Happen With You After You Dead? - The Untold Mysteries!

Do you know what will happen with you after you dead? - The untold mysteries!

Life has more mysteries! Some things can be explainable. Some things are really strange and it's beyond normal living! Here, I can say you about what will happen with you once you are dead! These information was collected from various divine related persons, experienced humans who returned from death & priests around the world!

Natural death or Accidental death, whatever happens, firstly all of your unforgettable memories will run as visuals in your mind vision within fraction of seconds! And then your spirit will come out from your body. Once it's comes out, you really cannot understand that you are dead. But once you realize that you are on air, as your soul is related to Karmas, that spirit will try to enter the body again and again! But it can't enter unfortunately!

At that moment, your feel will be totally strange! You will see the other spirits are laughing, crying, walking, breaching and doing some strange activities around you! That's exactly called the SPIRITS WORLD! You will hear the breaching sounds from everywhere!

If you can concentrate, you can identify all those living persons who are all thinking and speaking about you around the world at that moment! If you can deeply concentrate and wish to be there, then you can appear in that place anywhere in the world immediately like magic! Actually the SPIRIT has more unimaginable magical abilities than human.

Moreover, you will see the every happening around you! And also you will follow your body till it's reach the burial! Your spirit will try from all the ways to join with your body till it's get buried. After the failures, your spirit will fly to see your beloved persons who are all living. Once you see them, you will come to know the truths about who are all really praising or yelling on you after you dead!

That will really give you pain as a spirit. You will come know the culprits who were all worked negatively for you! Once the truths started to come gradually from humans, you will realize your life mistakes as a spirit! But no use.. You cannot reenter to live your human life even understood the mistakes from spirits world!

There are no places like heaven or hell on the sky after your death! Depends on your Karmas (Good things & Bad things that you've did), your spirit will get a position. That means, when you have more Good karmas, then your spirit will be considered to Rest in Peace without more painful memories or painful visuals happening around you. You may take it as Heaven!

But when you have more bad Karmas, then your spirit cannot go beyond this world and you cannot find peace anywhere! Being a spirit, you will get more negative vibration attack from everywhere, which will make you to have pain, cry and finding peace always! As a spirit, you cannot wave happily around the world even if you have some magical powers. It's called curse and you may take it as hell!

Depends on your karmas, you will get your next birth to live a life to reach divine by meaningful living. In fact, every birth of human is, not to earn money or live in fame! The real meaning for every birth is, with the willpower and deep understanding ability, to reach and mingle with divine without taking next birth! Do more good things while living, react more matured with people, teach them right things, if possible show them easy good ways, earn persons than money and have more good karmas in your life!