A Man you Knew.. But His Journey, You Never Knew! Dr.J.Jayakrishnan!

A man you knew.. But his journey, you never knew! Dr. J.Jayakrishnan!

First impression is the best impression.. Yeah, all it took just an accidental meet in the same business hotel in Sri Lanka with him made me to write a detailed article about him! I won't get impressed that much easily about someone within! But when the person is so sensitive and they have some unexpected immense qualities, then we will get impressed by them for sure! 

It's really happened in my life! I gradually came to know about him by the word of mouth from benefited people..  Actually he is not only a man like others, he is such an Inspiring Personality, Successful Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Winning Writer, Aspiring Author, Trendy Film Producer, Positive Thinker & Great Gentleman! Yeah, he is none other than a multi talented human being "Dr. J.Jayakrishnan, The chairperson & Managing Director of JK GROUP OF COMPANIES!"

Starting a life from nothing to growing like a most influenced powerful person in society is not a small deal! He really achieved it and standing an example for all youngsters who wants to change their life into more meaningful! Initially he planned to enter in Land developing near OMR, chennai. As a result he made NARPAVI HOMES and later it had many satisfied clients only because of his reliable commitments & successful fulfillment! 

As his notable first project itself got reputation & success, clients started to expect more from him! Being a trustworthy honest person in Real estate business is not that much small thing! He really got that trustworthy place..! Brand was registered in the name of E5 PROPERTIES PRIVATE LTD! His hearty words from customer point of view really gained more valuable contacts till date!

To live a healthy life, we should eat healthy food! So organic cultivation is the main medium in earth! He realized that too! So he himself bought a big agriculture land only for agriculture cultivation! Now his one of wing called KAYAKARPA ORGANIC FARM PRIVATE LTD supplying non pesticide organic vegetables, fruits, oil, etc to many places! And there is a huge demand for this pure organic things among people! 

As he is such a brilliant mind in natural sciences like Siddha & Ayurveda, he planned to make the people to understand about the benefits & divine touch in such unseen scenarios. So he made MITHAS LABS, which deeply awakens the unrealized power & pleasure feel in Human body! Many people from different places coming & experiencing the top notch benefits of these phenomenal opportunity!

j.jayakrishnan e5 with cricketer Krishnamachari Srikkanth 

As he came to know that, media is such a powerful medium to reach people, he planned to give honest info to the people in right way! So he started PUTHIYA VAAZHVIYAL magazine, and it's running successfully with people as it gives useful info about human life, unseen explanations about human being and more! It really entertains the audience commercially & psychologically too!

And he didn't leave his position in writing also! After his life struggles, many researches about divine, unheard mysteries, analysis & statistics of his own experiences, he wrote his valuable book named PAARAMBARIYA ARIVIYAL! It's thoroughly enlightens the people to know about their value of birth, reasons for living, tips for long living & healthy living, gaining maturity and more! This book got unexpected appreciations, high profile's testimonials & crowned by many familiar personalities in India!

As his business became damn successful, he gradually started to help the poor people, and planned to enlighten them. So he started his JK FOUNDATION only to help people and not on business motive! From his own money itself, he started to help the poor! He personally did many helps & saved many lives. In that, the notable thing is, He adopted 20 schools in villupuram to give pure education & he took care of all of their expenses too! Later as he came to know, there are more poor people who still looking for even basic needs, he heartily adopted entire Villupuram & Thiruvannamalai districts' villages in the year of 2012 - 2013!

j.jayakrishnan e5 with media people

For his great thoughts & generous heart towards humanity, THE INTERNATIONAL TAMIL UNIVERSITY gave him a most prestigious award of DOCTORATE and he deserved!

As he had the love on cinema, he planned to give good movies to people by producing the films! So he started his E5 ENTERTAINMENT INDIA PRIVATE LTD! Later he produced & distributed many valuable films in Tamil (Kollywood) industry and still counting! The excellent thing is that, whatever maybe the results in collections, he never left the technicians, artists or distributors to face the loss! He himself comes forward to carry forward the collection issues sometimes. Seriously, there are very few people only living like this with extreme generous mentality!

j.jayakrishnan e5 with rajnikanth

Other than these, he also entered and rocking in the following industries!




j.jayakrishnan e5 clients 

And there are more beautiful habits, activities & mannerisms that he has positively which will attract anyone easily! Personally still I'm wondering how can a person be in such down to earth stage even after had a big position?! Not only for words, he is a pure gem! So, what are all the specialties with him? Let's see..

First and best thing is that, his acceptance and temperance! You cannot see him like he knows everything! And he won't reveal his identity that much easily anywhere! He always remains in same down to earth  position & his lovely smile means a lot at needed times!!

He always very conscious about his works wherever he is! He respects his work & workers too! He is such a great planner!

He is a travel lover too! You can't catch him in weekends or special occasions! He will fly away often to experience new culture & new dishes in different countries! We can freely ask about his traveling experiences at anytime!

j.jayakrishnan e5 foreign trip 

His divine touch & involvement with Lord shiva, always guides him in right path! He is such a divine person too!

He worship his workplace! He never fail to give attendance to his workplace! You can meet him in appropriate work timing in week days!

His commitments & promises are like rising sun on east & disappears on west! It won't change right? He is also same like that! He never give fake commitments! He is such a honest person & he will save his words!

When money comes, things may change.. But he stood positive example for all! His love & affection towards his family is more cute and such an adorable thing. He loves his family more than anything! And he took care of his family more than past!

j.jayakrishnan e5 family

He never compare the talent with age! He thoroughly respects young talents & he promotes them by giving his full end support to reach their goals!

His understanding levels are too high! You no need to explain even.. He will tell about your needs when you are in front of him!

After all, he is a very good gentleman! He always stand away from immoral things and bad activities! Hope you know what I'm coming to tell..

Sounds good right?! When there is a rare quality, then it should get mentioned without fail! Really I'm very excited and happy to share about a chennai based serial Tamil Entrepreneur who is rocking everywhere! Yeah, I became his Fan finally ;)