Can You Buy a House Without Income? Yes Obviously!

Can you buy a house without Income? Yes obviously!

This question is like, Can you live your luxury lifestyle like Rich without Income?! It's little sarcastic one only. But that doesn't mean that there are no ways to buy a house without having even a penny Income! To buy a house, you should have money first. If you don't have money, then you should have Impressive attitude & lovely qualities to buy a home or anything without Income!

Exactly to say, your impressive way of talking & impressing quality with people, will make them as your fan and set them to think often about you. Find appropriate rich persons, and give them unforgettable feel and memories, be unique and get highly expensive gifts from them!

First way is getting a life partner or dating partner as your beloved friend. Yeah, there are more richest Girls and Boys who needs best & unforgettable experiences in their life! They needs & loves the cherishing feelful moments more than money! Don't worry about finding right people. Now a days, social medias platforms like Facebook, Instagram, POF and more are helping to find the people as per our taste!

If you can find the rich partner, and give them needful pleasures, then they will start spending for you. Normal gifts will turn as expensive gifts. When the relationship is so much convincing & irreplaceable, then getting house from them as gift is not a big deal without Income!

Second way is finding abandoned rich persons to serve. In many countries, there are more persons who were all abandoned from family or by the situations and living alone. So if you can find those specific rich persons, you can enter in their life to serve for their caring needs. Once you enter and behave gently, then you will get their love gradually.

When they understand that you are seriously caring them, then they will surrender all their assets to you before they die. After they die you are a respective heir for assets. Till they die, you can enjoy your life from there with needed expensive backups. Love & care always wins in front of money!

Third way is Lottery! In online and some other countries also lotteries are legalized deal. Buy lottery tickets every day. Luck may knock your door at anytime! Depends on your luck, by lottery winning you may buy your dream house without Income!

Fourth way is Finding abandoned houses! This is totally illegal, but it's really happening around. There are some bungalows & houses in many areas which doesn't have legal heir or take over persons to the asset. Some of houses may have ghost histories, Encumbrance Certificate problems, real heir living in other countries like that. If you have guts, with the support of Politicians & Government officials you can create the fake documents to register those properties in your name.

First three ways are very safe. Fourth one is not recommended for safety living & I give strong disclaimer.