Cure your Patchy Hair loss (Alopecia Areata) in 28 days! - Guaranteed!

Cure your Patchy Hair loss (Alopecia Areata) in 28 days! - Guaranteed!

Patchy Hair loss (Alopecia Areata) is an irritating illness that comes on Hair which destroys the beauty! Chill.. You no need to worry hereafter! No matter how long you are suffering from this! No matter what are all the medications or surgeries that you've took for this! The remedy that I'm going to tell now is, 101% proven with thousands of people in India who suffered from this same Patchy hair loss (Alopecia Areata)! You no need to spend Thousands of Dollars to cure this.. Only with the help of two kitchen cooking items, it is fundamentally curable! For the result, all I need is, you should follow this habit regularly for 28 days without gap! If you can do this, then you will thank me from bottom of your heart for sure after seeing the magical result! 

Generally, the bigger problems of life will get clarity from an unexpected very small thing! So, just follow this with full hope! Don't underestimate the power of this.. I don't write many paragraphs to show it's such big thing! It's very simple.. The main reason for Patchy Hair loss (Alopecia Areata) is, a WORM is been living inside those patchy areas and eating your hair's base as food! So that, you couldn't get hair growth once the worm was grown inside patchy hair loss areas. So, for a positive result, you should kill that worm to get back your hair growth! Let see the kitchen remedy now..

Shallots small onion cures patchy hair loss - Alopecia Areata
garlic's burning sensation cures patchy hair loss - Alopecia Areata

Take only one Small Onion (Shallot) & One Garlic Piece from garlic! Strip it's rind.. Cut on it's center and make it as two pieces. Take one piece of onion.. 

You can see that onion's fresh juice is coming from the center part! Without wasting it, just rub it with pressure on your patchy hair loss areas for 3 - 4 Minutes! Then take half piece of that Garlic! The same like onion, just rub it with pressure on those patchy hair loss areas for 3 - 4 Minutes again! You should do this on daily basis like, after got up from bed, rub it on patchy areas and wait half an hour to take bath. And then before go to bed, rub it on those patchy areas and sleep..

You should do this continuously for 28 days without fail! When you do this continuously, because of the Small onion & Garlic's Burning sensation, some small worm will die within a week. But some worms may grown big! So maximum in this 28 days period, Small Onion & Garlic rubbing will kill those worms and give your hair growth back for sure! Cheers!!!