High Situations That Equal to Dying! Most Killing Moments!

High situations that equal to dying!
When some unexpected embarrassing incidents happen accidentally or intentionally, at that moment people may think that, "I should die now rather than experiencing this shit!". Likewise, let's see some of most killing situations in human life..

When your life partner or fiance has affair on someone & you caught them live while they having physical relationship (Sex)! 

When your enlightening unique creation is been stolen & it was reproduced by someone and they are getting awards & rewards too for that!

When your beloved friend became wealthy person & you are still looking for a basic job to get salary to live your daily life!

When you are trying to sleep but still some bad memories clashing your sleep & it won't let you in peace!

When you are looking for changeover & hardly trying for opportunities, some useless namesake idiot highly insulting you in front of many people!

When you come to know that you have HIV +ve (AIDS) in your blood test results!

When some unbearable physical pain thoroughly gives pain in your body parts!

When you get caught while mastrubating in front of your parents!

When you couldn't afford even for your kid's very small desire, passion or hungry!

When someone asked a valuable question in front of reputed people & you couldn't answer to save your respect!

When someone found your cheapest secrets & conveyed to your close circle!

When you had sex with your partner, but you couldn't satisfy them in sex actually!