How the History Remembers Barack Obama's Presidency?

How will the history remember the Barack Obama's presidency?

Simply to say, people cannot remember the whole details of any familiar personality after decades. So, when it's about the soft corner or the lovely feel on a familiar personality, depends on their previous notable activities and events, it will remain with people's hearts positively or negatively. But when it's about Barack obama's presidency, there are mainly positive notable things only will be in people's heart forever as follows!

First thing to say, His Honesty, Temperance & Acceptance are talk of the world! People love him at the most, as he was like a friend to the people and the white house workers too when he was a President of United States of America!

Next to say, his main appreciated quality of Self Discipline among others! No rumors or bad news never came about his self discipline! He is such a dignified political leader till date!

And his love, care & affection towards his family is the phenomenal thing! Every citizen of USA and other country people also wondered about this! Even after he got his power as an USA president, he maintained his family more than past! There are rare leaders only like him to live with family without forgetting the past!

His sense of humor and Presence of mind are chance less qualities! He never failed to crack the opposite person brilliantly who messed up with him.. ;)

Another historical thing is that, the whole america's threat of Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden commonly known as Osama Bin Laden was eradicated in his presidency by his favorite highly trained soldiers! The whole america was surprised and praised the president Obama for years!

And also his concern and help towards destroying ISIS terrorists in other country is the unforgettable favor for all other country leaders also! 

So positively, when it's about Barack Obama's presidency, the common people will remember these main history for life long! So, those are the best reasons to say, Barack Obama is one of the greatest presidents of USA forever! Yeah, he is such a gem :)