How to Avoid Lesbian Approach From a Girl?

How to avoid lesbian approach from a girl?

A private topic that need to get clear is lesbian relationship. Being a girl, you may have crush on Boys. But some girls love to have physical relationship with girls only! Yeah, it's called lesbian relationship. Being a proper girl, you cannot accept this. But, some of your close friend may approach for this lesbian session with you. Just follow the upcoming tips to avoid such approaches from other girls.

First & best reaction for their lesbian approach is, behaving rude in words! When you can yell at her with more aggression, then she will not disturb with this lesbian intention anymore! Don't react politely. If so, then she will feel that, you too have interest in that, but hesitating to start. So, better show your angry reaction firstly!

Sometimes, she maybe your friend. So you cannot yell at them immediately. So, gradually try to avoid her phone calls, messages & negligence with her. Show your uncomfortable feel all the time you meet her. So she will understand that, you are going away from her friendship zone. If she is your true friend, then she won't approach you with that wrong thought forever. 

Some other cases, she may continuously torture you for lesbian session. So don't hesitate to complaint her torture to her right person (Her mom, dad, friend, welwisher or any other) to make her understand by that third person! Still if she continues, then threaten her that you are in the need of Cop to handle this!

Some girls may understand in words, some girls definitely will need something in hard way! Yeah, just slap & show your anger with her! Then she won't disturb you forever. Don't afraid to slap as she did wrong! Actually she can't discuss this incident with any other too as this is such a cheap approach's aftermath! 

Simply to say, not only for this, just think & react proper always for any extreme level of incidents & accidents! Your maturity matters a lot in all circumstances!