How to Move the Objects Without Touching it? Real Secrets!

How to move the objects without touching it? Real secrets!

There are many theories which saying about this Power of mind alias Telekinesis. First you have to know that is it true or fake!? What do you think?? I say, it's 101% true! Actually your mind has undisclosed abnormal power you have not even guessed! To move the objects without touching it as a human, you have to follow some important techniques. You cannot learn this telekinesis in 5 minutes, or learn telekinesis in a day or week.. What I say is, it's possible even in some of hours when you did it in right way with appropriate dedication. But you have to be patience and practice regularly to make it happen possibly! You can definitely do it!

To make this happen, first and best thing is that, you should have 200% belief in this thing, and should practice daily with more hope than previous one! When you fail to have faith in this Telekinesis, then you cannot achieve it!

Don't ever think about how long will it take to get success and how many times you are going to try it. Don't worry about number of times in trying! Your passion & desire should be very high to make it happen! Accept the failures happily every time & next time do it with more happiness! Your subconscious mind knows everything! Don't try to cheat it by having fake faith!

Don't get stuffed. Choose one small object first to move it without touching it. Don't use many objects. Use continuously the same object in a same place. The reason why I'm telling you to use the same place and same object is, Those place and object will get the vibration of your mind immediately as you are continuously trying only with it. Vibrations will give you better results..

Concentrate on the object more! Don't lose your stability! Focus completely on the object! Don't wave your thoughts. Your mind should have 101% full of that object's vision only!

First decide that, you want to bend it, broke it, move it or make it to fly! So further you can make it happen by only focusing on the result as visuals! You can do whatever you think on the object! 

Have friendly connection with that object! Don't think that it doesn't have soul! It's actually has! Speak with it through your mind! It will understand for sure! Convey the object like it's your friend & you need it's help now! Speak politely in mind language.. Convince it! If you speak properly, it will reply you for sure!

Assume that, some vibration and connection going from your eyes, hands, mind to the object! Also assume that, the connection is really very strong & no one can break it except you! You really made magical connection between you and your object!

Once you had nice friendly connection with the object, then while focusing on it, with 200% belief, assume your needed result as visuals by seeing that object! Don't close your eyes! While seeing it, you should assume the result without fail! Like, it's flying on the air! That mean, you should assume like, Omg! It's really flying! It's not on the table like the start! It's really flying! And I'm seeing the real visuals! It's flying damn! It's really flying!!!

Like this, you should practice daily and should develope the concentration ability more! It's not magic and all! This is all about the possible mind power! In human mind, there is an unimaginable power! Believe it, feel it, realize it & awaken it! No matter how old are you, how much you experienced, how many times you tried, how many times you failed, finally at the point you will make it happen!