Plan Properly and Check in Hotel With Your Girlfriend!

Plan properly and check in hotel with your girlfriend!

In India, the star hotels only will allow you with your girlfriend to check in the room. Some other star hotels are denying to give the room for couples before marriage. And all other 85% normal class hotels are showing red card to the strange couple to check in the hotel. Its all because of the Indian hotels' quality & reputation maintenance basically. Simple logic is, they should believe that you are really a guest came from very far and they will need right purpose for stay! No worries, there are some preparation that you need to do before go to the hotel with your girlfriend for the successful check in!

Online booking! Now a days there are more hotels are available to book in online! Just plan about your hotel check in. Once you booked the hotel online & paid money with right Guest and co guest details then they won't ask you more questions in the check in time!

Dressing sense! Dress up professionally, and speak gently. That lavish attitude will tell them indirectly that you both are from rich backup! So, they won't miss such potential valuable customer!

Having food! If that hotel has restaurant, then go to the receptionist and purposely ask them where is restaurant! They will show you where is it.. Before go to the restaurant, tell them slightly that you are coming from long journey & very hungry. And tell them to wait, "I will come and ask the room tariffs later!". That conveying will preset their mind positively that you both will come and ask the room. 

Luggage! Before go to the hotel, take any luggage with you. So that the hotel people will think that you both came from other place & not from nearby area! Then they will surely give a room for you for safe stay. Writing address in ledger is depends on your wish.

Be in tired mood! Show your face like tired. And ask them for room. Provide more details. Your tiredness face will push them to make the process quickly without asking too many questions!

Book for whole day! Don't ever ask the room in hour basis. They will suspect you. Tell them that you are coming from other area, and you have to attend some function in nearby specific place. And you will check out tomorrow. So, you need a room for a day! Introduce her as your wife.. Not girlfriend! Suppose if you both are looking young, then introduce her as your relative and came for wedding or other event happening.

Dominant conversation! Don't be afraid. Whatever you do, just speak with confidence & more informative! You are a customer, you have money, so they only need to get afraid of you without missing a valuable customer! So speak with confidence & dominant attitude. If you do this, then the hotel people will serve you with pleasure!

Be accurate while providing information! Whatever you do or speak in hotels, always approach like damn matured! Show them like you are an often traveler, and these are all not new to you. Question them more about their hotel & services before they question you. Simple! These are all you need to know before check in the hotel with your girlfriend!