Power of Protest and Struggles!

Power of Protest and Struggles!

When you couldn't get your right needs as someone stopping it cunningly, then you will get pushed to wear black for protest by doing struggles! Let me explain about what will your protest and struggles convey to the opposite persons directly & indirectly!

When you protest boldly, they will come to know that you are not only a calm person & you will go to any end to get your right needs!

While doing struggle, if you have same wavelength supporters behind you, then it will create afraid with the opposite party! Without right intentions, you cannot get supporters! So they will think that your thoughts & intentions are very right and you are gradually becoming a leader too!

When you are able to trigger your questions & needs very boldly and impressively with the enough content, it means that you are really on right path and brilliant! It leads the opposite party to consider about your requests!

When you are so adamant on without getting back from the struggle to get your needs till they agree, then that adamancy will make them to think twice about your future activities also! It leads to positive answer mostly..

Protesting & Struggling will show them that you are an unique person and great citizen too! They won't mess with you next time that much easily!

Your right protest will get media's attention, and it will wake up many common people to think about it!

When the expected result comes from an opposite person because of protesting, then you will become a great example for other persons too! They will follow your path to get their needs in their field!

Don't take violence, be calm, be adamant till you get, do with more passion & aggression, teach your supporters, then you will definitely get it! Happy protesting!