Secrets Behind Air Hostess Smile! Duty Strategies!

Secrets behind Air Hostess smile! Duty strategies!

If you had air craft journey before, then you will come to know about these. We think different, but the whole air craft serving team working in their impressive ways to attract customers! 

An Air Hostess may Welcome you heartily, Smile at you, Care you at the most, Serve you more than anyone, Watching you often & Speak with you like care taker! 

But all those doesn't mean that, she fell in love with you Lol! Because they all were instructed to react with passengers like more than Life Partner except Physical relationship! 

Yeah, Its all about business strategies! Actually, an air hostess is completely there for serve the passengers to prove they are best from their competitors! In fact, the management will mostly recruit good looking girls only to work as Air hostesses. Exactly to say, their impressive Dressing style, Make up sense, Pulling up look, Romantic smile, Structure, Care taking style and everything will give a feel to the passengers like she is your temporary "Girl Friend" with limitations! 

You can enjoy watching her without hassles.. In fact, they love it! Technically to say, those impressive ways of undisclosed style of serving, will impress the men psychologically to think about that Flight journey often! So, don't take anything serious as per their presence and activities.

And moreover, you have to know more about Air hostess and her Duty! When you are clear about this, then it will be helpful to react better with her next time!

Depends on her impressive look & lovely smile, you may think that she is an active girl! But the truth is, Air Hostesses are mostly tired and sleepy. Because, the flight journey is such an irritating and boring happening. For namesake, she should react like active to serve you. 

In her home also, she will get less time only to take rest. Sometimes they will have continuous long trips which will make them tired & sleepier easily! So, if you can speak with her honestly & gently about her efforts and concern towards passengers, she will like you personally.. Because, among the normal people, your humorous concern will impress her more.

Smiling at passengers are not that much easy. Depends on passengers look, vomit, or fight it may change. But she has to practice well in this case as per instructions of the management. She should react nicely & smile at all passengers. So, as a reaction for her sweet smile, do something impressive in your activity. She won't forget you!

Don't think that she is so beautiful. Once you see inside her hand bag, you will faint lol! Yeah, to keep that beauty look, she has to carry more grooming items, paste, brush, sometimes safety pads & blaw blaw blaw!! So don't over excite about an Air hostess & be in your comfort attitude zone!

As mostly the passengers are behaving gentle and they do their works in flight, in long journey hours, the Air hostesses will feel really bored. So, in that specific times, your caring and sweet conversation is much appreciated! She will expect that from someone actually..! Time to score!