These Valuable Rational Thoughts will Blow Your Mind! Think Different!

These valuable Rational thoughts will blow your mind! Think different!

You will be noticed by someone when you can think different & speak with valuable points more than others! Simply to say, Know the rules & Break the rules! It's called maturity & your unique style! 

You can form your supporters by your impressive speech & different point of view! Let me share some of my different point of views from common people's belief..

Some of religion leaders saying that, people should change their religion to get benefit from god! If the people deny to join in their religion, then the god won't help them right? Lol.. What a pity! God means common for all! It's an extreme power beyond discrimination! If the god wants to change your religion for help, then that's not called God! It's called political leader!

Humans mostly having sex in bedroom only. When they are in uncleanness situation, then they are not entering to POOJA ROOM or divine places. What I'm asking, Babies are equal to god, Giving birth to child is also a divine related job only! And people saying that God is not in particular place & he is everywhere! God is watching us in all the moments! He notes down our activities! In this case, why don't you have SEX in POOJA ROOM or DIVINE PLACES? As you are having sex directly in front of God's eyes in such divine places, he will take care of your sex session for beautiful baby's assured birth right? Just think about it..

If anyone will do good things to you, then you will respect them and you also will do some good things to them right? In this case, just remember your slipper! Yeah, your slipper only! It saves you from many dirty or harmful paths. It's style brings you the stylish fame to you too! If so, why are you leaving your slipper outside home? It means you are not respecting your slipper which saving you in daily routine basis! Didn't it deserve a place to enter your home? Perhaps if it has feelings & soul, won't it feel bad about your injustice???

Having sex with other persons after marriage became injustice now right? Who put this limitation? What I'm asking you, when you see a hot sexy girl/boy even after marriage, of course you are getting hormone changes, mood change and getting erotic feel right? Because your body was made like that & it's inducing to do it! When both are mutually agreed for sex session & when your body indicates to do it, then why don't you make it happen even after marriage? It's an undisclosed silent truth!

Murders became highly punishable offense now! But it's mainly for human to human only right? Actually all living things has equal value! Objects, trees, things, feel, emotions & everything has it's respected living! Law punishes only for human murders. Why don't the law punish the humans for destroying objects, destroying emotions, eradicating trees, killing plants, insects etc etc?! If you can't punish for these, then you are probably living in a complete fake atmosphere, where we don't have rational real justice!

Living in other people's place is violence only right? What I'm asking you, who invented this earth? Who made all these natures & influenced nature resources that you are using? You didn't create right?! Then you are not supposed to speak about anything in this world.. Even a single word! Yeah! Unfortunately you were born! Live somewhere & die without using even single word! Because you are immorally & illegally living in other owner's place called earth! You don't have any rights to speak about any moral or immoral things in this world!

Don't scold me lol ;) 

Actually I've told some disappeared shadow facts :D