Undisclosed Examples of Human Cruelty!

Undisclosed examples of Human Cruelty!

When the question is about human cruelty, we mostly consider Animals and Humans only. But there are more undisclosed cruelties is been happening in our daily life which wasn't concerned yet! Let's make a look & consider for the gradual changes with shitty people..

Women's safety! Girls are always sensitive! They should be taken care of every citizens of the country! Even in a peaceful country, because of the less punishments & holes in law, there are bawdry Rapes, Molestation & more violence against women is been happening often! Punishments should be too cruel to punish the third rated criminals! High end punishments mostly will reduce all criminal activities! 

Caste Discrimination! This is the most arrogance partition between common people! Having different types of Castes, and the government's subsidy towards specified castes are not fair! People will not live in generous mentality! Caste demolishes the unity between people in the start itself! Humanity dies literally because of the castes mainly! Cheap politics & cheap political leaders really destroying the nation with ruling power legally & unknowingly!

Farmers & Agriculture eradication! Whatever maybe the technology or how it grows positively, when you feel hungry, then you should eat food only! When the country cannot encourage the farmers & agriculture by giving more subsidies, special events for their efforts, loan offerings, giving compliments, specialized announcements, then the farmers won't live their life happily! When a farmer dies due to the burden of loans, then probably that's not a country. It's called living hell! Don't mess with farmers.. If so, even Democracy or Princely Kingdom whatever, it's Endangered!

Food poisons! Adulteration & chemicals now a days rules everywhere! Vegetables, fruits, rice, ingredients & all food items became slow poison because of the Adulteration! A man really thought to have only ORGANIC VEGETABLES and Organic Food items to live his healthy life. But he died actually because of the chemical mixtures & adulteration in Vegetables & Food! True incident!! Because of the cheap motive on money, now a days people killing people indirectly by mixing slow poison in food items in the name of BUSINESS! FU*k off!

Civil Wars! We may live in a peaceful country. But, there are more countries which was victimized by unknown civil wars with strange reasons! In every country, there are more poor people who not even know about world inflation, economy, world news and all. They only know to live their daily life. These civil wars really killing more innocent people! Human killing human with weapons! Killing, Eradication, Hungry & threatening actually rules in such countries. UNO council should consider this without any personal political benefits to save more valuable human lives! Respect humanity!