Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Laptop!

Small tips to take care of your laptop

These notable small tips will increase your laptop's life, look & quality for long years! Just take some time for these if you are a laptop/desktop user.

Don't overcharge your laptop! Charge it 100% and discharge it! Always charge full, discharge it & then use it. Weekly twice make it dry and put full charge. It will increase the battery life!

Take cotton cloth & clean the laptop. Don't use the laptop when the dust is there.

Don't half fold your laptop. Always full fold it. It will avoid the dust in buttons areas. Because It's little tough to clean the dust in buttons areas.

While lightening or raining don't put charge and use. Because it may cause short circuit or make damage in hardware.

Clean the display with specialized liquid which is available in computer Accessories stores. 

Keep your laptop away from water places.

Always keep your laptop in it's bag after use. Because, ants will enter into it. It makes damage inside too. And also keeping it on bag will avoid the dust too.

If possible, use your laptop in AC (Air Conditioned) place. It will reduce the laptop's heat & increase hardware life.

Always wait for proper shutdown. Don't force close. Wait for all the programs to close itself.

Use Antivirus always. It will save your files and datas from Anonymous access, useless proxies, malware & harmful viruses.

Weekly ones put full scan for your system files in Antivirus. 

These notable small works in patience will increase your system life for sure!