Why Do Parents Telling Lies to Their Kids?

Why do parents tell lies to their kids?

Kids are boon to the couples. But when it's about parenting at some age, then we should care them more! Parenting is not an easy thing.. It's an Art! We should learn parenting first to teach our kids then! Actually there are some interesting reasons behind, for the parents telling lies to their kids..

Because of the over affection and care towards the kids, the parents can't beat their kids at most of the times. Babies are always naughty! But, we should control them when they are adamant on useless things and when they do wrong activities. So, the RIGHT LIE at the RIGHT SITUATION will threaten the kids to get afraid and calm down from the adamant state. So next time whenever the kid will do the same thing, that lie will make them to remain in calmed stage till they come to their matured age!

Most of the kids love the fantasy things and stories. So if they adamant on something, especially on food feeding, the fantasy LIES on some specific things will make them to have their food happily.

Sometimes, the kids may ask adult related questions. At that time, being a good parent, they cannot answer frankly. So they need to tell LIE to make them understand in another way.

Some other times, some families' economical situation may low. At that time, when the kid asks for costly things, the parents cannot afford. At the same time, they need to calm down their kid. So, a right LIE will set a kid in happy mood without crying for it.

Some kids are really brilliant even in their growing stage. So they might ask some brilliant unknown questions to their parents to know about it. As the questions are strange & brilliant, the parents don't know the answer. So obviously they will tell some lies as answer to save their respect with kids Lol..

These lies are really harmless. In fact, "The lies telling for the Good things & Making people happy, always considered as truths only.." :)