Why Mother in Law Always Angry on Daughter in Law? Actual Reasons!

Why Mother in Law always angry on Daughter in Law? Actual Reasons!

The girl will grow in her parents home in her desires and passions. Whatever she does wrong, the parents will adjust for their daughter. But when she enters a different home as a Daughter in Law, then she needs to control her desires, words, thoughts to live a life with her husband and mother in law. Do you know why the Mother in Laws mostly angry on Daughter in Laws and always dominating them? Main reasons are here..

Possessiveness! As a mother, she took care of her Son even from a Kid stage by giving all needful things & showing care. Because of the new comer of her Daughter in Law, she won't give up her son. But the son mostly will show his love towards his wife only in starting stage. He may busy with his wife. But aged mother cannot bear this change & at the end all are humans! Mother in Law will think that you are separating her son from her. Actually you didn't.. But it will become a situation! Mother in Law's possessiveness will turn as unknown angry on Daughter in law for sure..

Age factors! While discussing about family things, daughter in law may tell some ideas or corrections about the wrong beliefs said by others. Even though you are right technically, the mother in law cannot take it mentally! Yeah, she will compare the age. She won't accept the daughter in law's suggestions. She always thinks that, she only knows everything as she has experienced age!

Sometimes your beauty! It's little funny only. But this also takes main part. Yeah, the women mostly cannot accept the persons praising about other girls infront of them. So, when the Daughter in law is so beautiful, then the relatives will praise her infront of her Mother in law. As her heart cannot accept it generously, she will show this undisclosed angry in other situations on Daughter in law.

Obeying her orders! Being an aged woman, she may Dominate and Order you to do the works. As a matured girl, you know that her activity is not fair. For once or twice you may obey her orders. But when she continuously dominating like this, then the Daughter in law cannot obey her orders anymore, as she also has self respect. So the Mother in Law will take it personally. And will take revenge by showing angry on you and shouting about you with her son.

Self desires! Everyone has their own desires and wishes. In a home, your husband may go to office for work. Meanwhile, you and mother in law only will stay in home till he comes. Your desires may differ from her! At that time, the misunderstandings will come between you both depends on Desired cooking items, Taking rest for while, Watching Tv, Going to shop, Washing vessels, Cleaning home etc!

So, the young girls may think, "Why should I adjust? The mistake is on mother in law only!" But, you should understand one thing! The aged woman will think it in different way! At old age, they will need respect and care only mostly. So, to live a peaceful life as Joint family, the daughter in law should know to Act Smartly in needed times infront of her Mother in Law & Father in law, than showing negligence and attitude on them. When you have enough understanding and maturity, then you can definitely live your life without misunderstandings. Or if you think that the problems are coming often because of Mother in law, better live alone with your husband in separate home. :)