7 Best Strategies to Get Strange Girl's Phone Number!

7 Best Strategies to Get Strange Girl's Phone Number!

To get a beautiful strange girl's phone number, then you should be little confident and brave person to approach her without hesitations basically! It's all about HOW YOU SPEAK, HOW YOU BEHAVE & HOW YOU IMPRESS! So learn to speak so impressively first! If you meet this criteria, then continue to read..

1. If you are rich, then it's very easy depends on your look & your range! Most of the girls will love your appearance, your money, car, gadgets, range, luxuriousness etc! Just go with your costly car, impressive appearance, tell that you really like the way that she is, and ask her number! 95% of girls won't refuse!

2. Perhaps if you are not rich, then go to her and tell that, you've just missed your phone somewhere. And ask her politely to call your number from her mobile to find where it is..

3. If you are a sweet words user, then it will lead to another positive way! Yeah, girls mostly like unique and gentle boys. Go to her and impress her with your gentle and matured conversation! Compliment her activities! Slightly about her beautiness too! And tell that, you want to be her friend. Then ask her number..!

4. Sometimes having business card is more helpful in this case! Some beautiful strange girls won't trust strangers. So as usual go to her, as usual impress her by your unexpected sweet words, and don't ask her number! Yeah! Give your business card to her and ask her to call back as you have something special to discuss! She will go to home and examine your level & reliability thru your business card! If you really impressed her in that meet, then she will definitely call back to you!

5. Prepare some forms. Go to her like a sales boy, and tell her that there is an offer in your company! Ask her to fill the details! Tell that the company will announce the winner soon! Yeah, now you have her number in your form!

6. Try to know her name atleast if she didn't give her number. And then find her in facebook with her name! Give friend request! Be a facebook friends first and get her number later!

7. If you can know about her needs, then you can enter her life easily! Yeah, help her thru her needs and visions by your support! She will stick with you forever!

After all these, if you know to speak very impressively and uniquely like a matured and gentle person, then you can achieve anything in this life easily!