How to Put Safety For Your Intellectual Assets? For Indians!

This is the most useful and secured way to keep your intellectual assets in safe place without someone misusing it! This method is called self registering your creations. (Recommended only for Indian citizens)

You may have very valuable intellectual creations which was created by your own Imaginations like Story scripts, Invention methods, Highly valuable blue prints, Strategies, Unique ideas etc! But when you discuss about it with someone, some people may copy the content and ideas to reproduce it illegally and immorally without your permission. 

It's been really happening in this society. Your creation also will make many rewards and awards later. But you can't claim your ownership badly! So how to put powerful safety for your Intellectual creations? Can you register your creation without spending too much money?

Yeah!! There is an easy way which is very powerful till supreme court to keep safe your creations! So what do you need to do once you created something? Very simple.. You have to post it to your address! That's all..

1. Make your creation as Hard copy. Like bounded script, CD or DVD copy, Self created book etc. 

2. Once you make it ready, then pack it very well with full safety!

3. Fill the FROM ADDRESS & TO ADDRESS as same! That mean you should fill your address under Your Name in both places. You are a sender! And You are a receiver as well!

4. Then go to the POST OFFICE which is nearby your place! (Not courier!)

5. Ask them to book the consignment under REGISTER POST (Mandatory)! Not in other categories like speed post, normal post etc. You should book your consignment in REGISTER POST option only!

6. Once you they took the consignment, you will get the same parcel in next two working days. 

7. In REGISTER POST option, actually the respective mentioned receiver has to show their ID PROOF and need to SIGN IT to get the parcel while delivery. That mean it's you! None other can receive the same parcel!

8. Once you received the parcel, you shouldn't open it! Yeah, you have to keep safe that parcel in some safe place.

9. No more hassles! You've put safety for your creation now! That mean, you've self registered your creation!

10. Now just try as usual with your other copies of creation to achieve your goal like past. You no need to get afraid about someone who steal and misuse your creation.

11. Because when you come to know that, someone copied and misused your same creation somewhere, then you can legally file a case under law against them. In the judgement time you have to open that same parcel in front of the honorable justice which was sent & received only by you!

12. REGISTER POST is very powerful proof especially with intellectual assets in INDIAN JUDICIARY system! So you can definitely make a claim depends on your wish!