Sleeping is How Important? Health Secrets Behind Sleep!

Sleeping is the most important thing in human life for healthy living! Researches saying that, your life's 1/3 (one third) part is been going only in sleeping. Sleeping only will make healthy cells growing, comfort feel, relief from tiredness, refreshment etc. The scientists saying that, in night sleep only human's body parts are growing. So night sleep is the most crucial thing which we shouldn't miss!

Our ancestors said that, NIGHT is the only right time to sleep. Because, in night time only the weather condition will be chill (Appropriate with earth). But now a days people are working more in night and sleeping in morning and afternoon time. 

This habit really gives more diseases to humans like UNCONSCIOUS MIND, OSCULATION MENTALITY, TIREDNESS IN ALL BODY PARTS, AFRAID FEEL, ANXIETY DISORDERS, LESS MEMORY POWER, NON DIGESTION, CONSTIPATION gradually. So if you want to avoid these illnesses, you should sleep properly in night time.

Also there are some notable directions for sleeping which will give you long living with good health condition. You may ask me that, what is related to sleeping and directions! Yeah, there is a link between those! It's all about vibrations effect on human body! Each direction has it's respective nature! You should know about it..

Placing your head on EAST side and sleeping will give you comfort deep sleep without nightmares.

Placing your head on SOUTH side and sleeping will increase your years of living.

Placing your head on WEST side and sleeping will give you bad nightmares & shocking experience.

Placing your head on NORTH side and sleeping will give you earlier death. 

Because, the Magnetic waves from north direction is highly powerful. So you will face low breathing oxygen problem. Your brain cells also will get damage gradually! It leads to brain tumor, heart problems & nerve disorder! So don't ever place your head on north while sleeping!