What is Currency Meaning for Matured People?

Currency is just an universal colour paper to live in this world. But still, is currency everything for matured people? Not at all! Because you can't buy humanity & real happiness from money!

There are more powerful things that we not even think beyond money! Like reaching divine, galaxy mysteries, unexplained wonders happening in this world & more!

Matured people know that, common people will stick with us till the last penny is been spent! You can't find them thereafter in your life! But the real people will be with you even in your hard times!

Matured people will make their kids to understand about humanity & value of respect with common people. They won't let their kids to spend their money in lavish mentality!

Matured people always like to keep more good people than high value currencies! 

They will spend more money for poor's happiness! And they always happy to be a part in humanity!

They will make the people to respect their nature first, not their money!

Matured people know that, nothing is permanent in this life! And nothing is their assets in this life! So they always like to create intellectual assets as fame among people by doing good things and activities!

They also realize that, we can't take anything from this world after we die! Respect & fame is permanent. So they will create good name in this society!

Human birth is the rare and ultimate one in this galaxy! So don't spend your whole life only for money! There are more pleasurable things beyond currencies! If you know what I mean!!!