Why Your Kids Are Not Listening Your Advice?

Why Your Kids Are Not Listening Your Advice?

In my previous articles itself I told that parenting is an art! Only because of you became parent, you can't teach your kids in a right way! You have to learn first.

Kids mostly believes & respects the outside people than their respective parents as they seeing you daily and you became bore to them. If you want to give advice to your kids, then you should follow some main things! 

Yeah, don't always repeat the same advice to your kids! They will get bored! Try to advice from different styles & different situations!

Don't particularly create a situation to advice your kids! It should be like accidentally happened! After advice, they should feel it was really good & needed! Not like waste of time!

Your advice should be very humorous, some interesting stories and some new content! So that they will remember it forever!

Anger will destroy your sensibility! Show them anger a little and show more love while you advice your kids! Appreciate them more in-between you advice them! They will love it!

When you become like a friend of them, then they will listen you forever! Don't ever dominate your kids by your parents power if they want to listen your advice! 

Apart from advice time, in free times discuss more with them about interesting things which they like to know and hear! Whatever you hide, they will learn it from somewhere! So surrender yourself to your kids like a master!!!