How an Artist Connected With Spray Paint Art?

A person who has high interest, involvement, dedication & maturity towards an art called artist! Especially, the spray paint art artists are little more interesting guys when compared to other field artists. How & why? Let's see..

Where to do spray paint art?

Spray paint art artists mostly will choose like Boards, Papers, Glasses, Ground, Wooden cases, boxes & more such impressive things and places to do their spray paint art. So, there is no limitation to them when they interested to spray draw! Mood matters, place not a matter at all to them.

Investment for an artist

Variety of Colour sprays with good creativity enough to them!

Planning firstly or lastly?

The 80% of spray paint artists mostly will assume something in their mind first. And then they will start to spray. Rest of 20% spray paint artists are highly experienced and very creative. They won't mind anything & they won't assume anything. They will just spray.. Whatever they spray, it will get shaped! You won't believe, yeah..! You will see an awesome art at the end! 

What's the feel while they spray colours?

As of my survey, the spray paint art artists when started to spray on something, they will feel spray is like their blood! Without wasting too much blood, they will finish the deal as art! 

What they expect?

Spray paint artists have confident on their talent. Mostly good artists like to have best appreciation & critics on their arts more than money! 

Can anyone learn spray paint art easily?

There are some easy online tutorials to learn spray paint art. But interest & involvement matters! It's very easy to learn. But you have to be in little patience & curiosity to be a good spray paint art artist.