Good and Bad Happens to Humans! What does it Depends?

Good and Bad Happens to Humans! What does it Depends?

It's all about how we take it depends on situations! If we feel guilty about any bad things, to get relief from that, we may tell reasons on Fate or God. It's not sin. But for our better growth, we should accept that, whatever happens in our life, that's because of ourselves only! Because, without our activities, nothing will happen to us! 

For an example, To wake up we have to sleep first, to run we have get ready first, to kill we have to decide first, to calm we have to get high first! Like these, without any of our activities, nothing will happen whether it's positive or negative! Also you should understand that, these all things have it's returns!

You may think that, if we keep silent mostly, nothing will affect us in life and we can live our life liberally. But it's a wrong thought! In fact to say, being silent, getting angry, criticizing others, praising others, annoying others, instructing ourselves or people and everything has it's respective outcome! We say it Karmas! 

If you do a good things to people, then more good things will come to you. If you do bad things to people, then more bad things will come to you! Perhaps if you don't do anything to people, then the people also will not do anything to you! You will feel alone somewhere when needed!

So, don't blame anyone for your life happenings ever! Whatever happens, you should take responsibility of that! If nothing happened also, you are completely responsible for that! Because this is your life! You have to live your life! No one else will do that for you! Fundamentally to say, Good or Bad that happens to you, all are happening depends on your past, present and future activities! Take a bow!